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The Following Certifications and Training is now being offered to students in both a classroom setting at our campus or Online , we also offer Study Guides and Phlebotomy Training on-Demand Videos:

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J.E.T. Progam Graduating Class 029 1024x768 Register for Classes Become a CNA, be happy and successful. (We offer several CNA options. The $1000 option includes books, scrubs, CPR Certification (2 year), Medication Aide Certification (online 48 hour module) and a one day phlebotomy/EKG seminar which introduces students to drawing blood and performing EKGs. The Basic option for $800 will cover the class and clinicals. Ypsilanti pricing is $650 and has limited seating. Please call 313-575-1214 for more information on the Ypsilanti schedule. Classes are forming monthly.   Our CNA class is approved by the State of Michigan.  This class meets entirely on campus with clinical practicum hours completed at local long term care facilities.
This program meets two times per week for 6 weeks. Next Class begins January 24th, Friday and meets every Friday and Saturday from 8-2:30 for 6 weeks. SCHOOL APPLICATION (fill out online and fax back to (734 762 1718).

Nursing Assistant Classes

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Get your 5 Certifications as an EKG Tech, Telemetry Tech, IV. Tech, Phlebotomy Tech and the National Telemetry Exam

This is our premier online course, where students can get 5 certifications for only $500.00

The certifications include,

1.Electrocardiogram Technician,

2. Phlebotomy Technician,

3. I.V. Technician,

4. Telemetry Technician

5, National Telemetry Exam.

Already in the field?  Previous experience counts toward your clinical hours.  Emergency Medical Technicians, Para Medics, RN’s, LPN’s CNA’s and those with little to no experience can now get the certifications in job fields that are in demand.  Students will receive login passwords and user access codes to the courses when they enroll. Their instructors will contact them via email with the necessary paperwork and syllabi for each of the courses.  Students will always be able to speak directly to their instructor who will guide them to success throughout their course.  Our friendly staff can also help with resume preparation. Best Wishes on everyone’s future in the medical field.

school application Please print off and fax back to 734-762-1718

Call 313-826-2381 for info

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Phlebotomy Online Class
This is an online course that will allow students to complete a certification in Phlebotomy with the option of taking a National Exam through either the AMCA or ASCP
Price: $299.00

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Telemetry Technician Certification
Course includes 1 certification, Telemetry Tech. All materials included with course. Enrollment begins on 12/14/13
Price: $175.00

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EKG/Telemetry Technician Certification
Course includes 3 certifications, EKG Tech, Telemetry Tech and National Telemetry Exam. All materials included with course.
Price: $299.00

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Medication Aide
The Medication aide certification course is an online course that students have 3 months to complete. Course consists of 48 hours of modules that train students in how to pass medications safely.
Price: $300.00

Campus Classes:

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Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician
This is a brand new online course one of the few in the U.S.,encompassing the disciplines of phlebotomy, EKG operation/ Lead Placement and and I.V. insertion. Students graduating with this certificate are eligible to work in dialysis clinics, cath labs and plasma centers. This is a 60 hour course. This course is for online students only. Students enrolling in this class must provide/document their own hands on experience/clinicals. National Exams are available.
Price: $1200.00

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Phlebotomy Technician
Traditional classroom setting, student receive 40 hours of classroom lab plus 25 hours of personal instruction by a registered nurse and or phlebotomy technician during specified draw days. Students are offered national certification upon completion of 25 successful venipunctures, as well as 40 hours of off site clinical rotation through the schools contracted lab sites. Students are required to enroll at either the Garden City or the Ypsilanti location in person for in-class courses.
Price: $750.00

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Medical Assistant
Brand new program, 16 wks, 3 days per week. Call office for more details at 734-762-3220
Price: $1999.00

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I.V. Technician
This is a 6 hour course open to students currently enrolled at Phlebotomy Career Training School in either the phlebotomy or cardiophlebotomy. Medical professionals such as RN's, LPN's, MD's, Medical Assistants, Pharmacists and Dentists are welcome to take the I.V.Course. All students will receive an approved Michigan certificate as a I.V. Technician. Previous medical background is required. Current students are allowed to enroll. We can take up to 12 students per class. call 734-762-3220 for enrollment and dates of upcoming classes.,
Price: $300.00

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Basic Life Support CPR Class
This course will be held monthly. Students and visitors wishing to take this course should call the school for more details. Course covers Adult, Child, Infant CPR, Choking, and AED.Next Class will begin on July 11th, Monday , at 11:00 AM unitl 3:30 PM. Students will receive their BLS/HCP certification. This certification is good for two years. Students will receive their cards within one week after the class is finished.
Price: $35.00

Video Training:

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First Blood Draw - On Demand Video
This is an online training pay-per-view video, you will be directed to the Video page upon course purchase.
Price: $1.00

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Order of Draw Part 1
This is ~53 minute online training pay-per-view video, you will receive a email with a link taking you to the video.
Price: $29.95

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Order of Draw Part 2
This is an online training pay-per-view video, you will receive an email with a link directing you to the Video page upon course purchase.
Price: $79.00

Study Guides:

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Telemetry Study Guide

Price: $15.00

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Phlebotomy Career Training - Book
The book is 370 pages, includes practice tests, and study guides, cardiovascular system patho-physiology, diabetes, all phlebotomy, order of draw, cardio-phlebotomy and much more..
Price: $75.00

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