Congratulations J.E.T. Program Graduating Class 2010

Success can be measured, not by the ability to obtain material things, but instead by what an individual can attain in themselves.  The graduating class of October 2010 has demonstrated the will and the desire to succeed.  Succeed they did.  Most of these students have had their lives beset with problems and road blocks.  In the ten week period they learned the skills necessary to become a certified nursing assistant and phlebotomy technician.  No easy task.  Yet everyday they came to class, went to clinicals and studied their lessons.  They formed friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.  They encouraged one another and never lost their enthusiasm for learning .  Each of these graduates earned their certificates through dedication, hard work and perseverance.

They learned life lessons from each other and from their patient’s whom they cared for during their externship rotation.  Many of these student’s came to class without prior medical related knowledge.  Yet they learned the language of medicine, the skill to draw blood and care for others with compassion and empathy.   Many of the students are already working in the field, while others are preparing for their state exams.  They are a true inspiration for everyone.

They are wished all the best things in life,


Your devoted teacher and friend

Nancy Kimmel