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 EKG Telemetry Online Class

This is an informative introduction to the online EKG/Telemetry Class, to help students better understand the course format and requirements for enrollment.  Our online classes can be found under the tab entitled “All Courses” there students can scroll down to the online classes where they will see the online EKG/Telemetry.  When they click add to cart, they will check out with their credit card and pay $299.  Shortly thereafter, the students will receive a automated email with a access code to the website.  The will put this login code under the, “Course Login Tab” and go to the tab on the drop down box where it say “Telemetry 301″.  Once there the student will enter their code and be able to see and go through the site.  The teacher will follow up with a login access for the online tests in the course.  There is one final exam that they students may download and take when they are ready.  It is suggested that they take the Cardiac Arrhythmia Practice final first and go over the answers with their teacher prior to taking the final for the course.  Once the student has completed the final with a 75% or better, then they are eligible to take the National Telemetry Association Exam. Students will receive a Certification from the school and a transcript as well.  Their NTA certificatio and wallet card will be mailed separately.  The EKG certification and transcript will be awarded to those student who can document at least 40 hours experience in the field of EKG with a letter from their employer on the companies letter head, or the presentation of a license or certification as a Medical Assistant, {Para Medic}, {EMT}, or other medical profession that performs EKG’s on a reguar basis.
Student’s study at their own pace, and can enroll at anytime.
Call Professor Kimmel at 313-826-2381 for further questions regarding this online course.
Thank you,
N.Kimmel RN, Phd, CHMM, CNATT

No prior experience is necessary to take the online or in class Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician, Electrocardiogram Technician and National Telemetry Exam,

ONLINE COURSE FEE IS $299,  (This fee includes EKG Course, Telemetry Course and National Telemetry Exam,  all study materials provided by login access code to class, certificate and transcripts, along with a letter addressed to the NATIONAL TELEMETRY ASSOCIATION ,allowing student eligiblity to test on the national level.)

Students may enroll at anytime for the online course.  

The online materials are available to students 24/7.

Printed materials are mailed per request of student.

Job Assistance is available for out of state students.


Students are required to purchase calipers prior to beginning course.  There is one final exam upon course completion.  Students have one month to complete the course.


Welcome to Phlebotomy Career Training ;

                                                       At PCT we are pleased to announce our new online Telemetry Technician Course, or Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician course, as it is known is other circles.  The burgeoning field of Telemetry continues to grow across the U.S..  The newest , most in demand job in hospitals is  the Telemetry Technician.  One needs only to search online to see the numerous jobs for Telemetry  Technician across the U.S.  PCT is proud to be at the forefront of this field.  The online class that PCT offers will help students learn to recognize and interpret 24 different cardiac rhythms.  This course was developed by an ICU/CCU nurse and local Cardiologists with the layperson in mind.  The course teaches students to how to recognize and interpret arrhythmia’s.  “Having a trained extra set of eyes on the monitors gives us the nurses and doctors a peace of mind, while of course, more importantly preventing unnecessary complications that can arise without someone monitoring cardiac rhythms constantly.”

Garden City, MI (PRWEB) FEBRUARY, 2012



Phlebotomy Career Training, is pleased to announce the New Telemetry Technician Certification Course available for all health care professionals and students.

Earning a certification in telemetry and ECG will allow students to get jobs as telemetry technicians and enhance their credentials as a qualified health-care professional. Students can add extra earning power to their degrees with this one week course. Students are able to sit for the National Telemetry Association  Certification upon course completion. Students are requested to have completed an externship in ECG and should know how to apply leads.

Why wait? The same course goes for over $5000 to $10,000 dollars at local community colleges and technical health career schools. Phlebotomy Career Training is offering the course for $299.
The National Telemetry Association test fee is included. Nurses, LPN, LVN’s, Medical Technologist, Medical Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants and the lay public who are interested in the medical field are all welcome to take the online telemetry .   Hospitals are looking for those who can multitask, so adding a telemetry certification will help solidify ones current position. Students can work most anywhere if they have the knowledge to interpret ECG’s and have a thorough understanding of the cardiovascular system. School should be affordable to everyone; at Phlebotomy Career Training students get quality education at an affordable price.

The Telemetry ECG Certification Course is similar in content to the course that Physicians and Registered Nurses must complete upon hiring into hospitals. The course helps students to read and interpret ECG Lead Tracings. Students will learn to interpret such rhythms as Atrial Fibrillation, Ventricular Tachycardia, Premature Ventricular and Atrial contractions, Type I, II and III heart blocks and many more. In addition students are trained in the mechanism of action regarding the biometabolism of heart medications such as beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, Calcium channel blockers as well as cardiac glycosides. The renin-angiotensen cascade will be studied in relation to how high blood pressure effects the cardiac muscles and the renal system. The EKG or ECG course will cover the entire anatomy and physiology of the heart muscle, and delve into the rhythmicity and excitability of cardiac tissue. Students learn to correlate the different heart medications to specific cardiac rhythms.

Professor Kimmel’s undergraduate work in biochemistry at the University of Michigan and toxicology at Kansas State have paved the way for the plethora of knowledge that Professor Kimmel can impart to students. Professor Kimmel’s PhD thesis detailed the toxicology of cardiac specific medications. Dr. Kimmel experience as an Registered Nurse includes working in the cardiac care unit, ICU, intermediate intensive care and medical surgical units.

Professor Kimmel States; “This is a very serious course. Students who consider taking this course should have some prior experience in the medical field and direct patient care skills. This course requires interpretation of actual cardiac rhythm strips. Although a telemetry technicians interpretation will be reviewed by a registered nurse and physician, technicians should be aware that immediate changes in the cardiac rhythm could be fatal. With that said, students should be ready to perform CPR. This is a course that is designed for those with experience in the health care field and that have some familiarity with cardiac leads and telemetry. Students should be prepared to purchase a caliper. These can be purchased at any uniform or medical supply store. For the ECG tracings, students should be able to print off the various strips to be interpreted. Students will need the calipers for their final exam.

The instructor of the course, Professor Nancy Kimmel is a Registered Nurse, ACLS Certified, a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, Certified Phlebotomy Instructor, Certified Nurses Aide Trainer, PhD and a Basic Life Support Instructor through the American Heart Association. Professor Kimmel has worked in ICU, CCU, Intermediate Intensive care, Emergency, medical surgical floors and has done home-care. Professor Kimmel has been an ardent instructor in the Metro Detroit area since 2002. She has taught Mechanical Engineering at Lawrence Technological University, math, physics and engineering at Henry Ford Community College, Mechanical Engineering at Oakland University as well as authoring a best selling nursing entrance textbookwhich Wayne County Community College and Henry Ford Community College offer for sale in their book stores. Professor Kimmel holds a United States Patent on a revolutionary air filter and is currently working on helping the nation further their education with other affordable online courses, like the newly released Phlebotomy online course.

Phlebotomy Career Training is a licensed proprietary school in the state of Michigan.

Testimonial from a former online student;

Dear Nancy,
I would like to take a moment of your time to express my gratitude.  I am in the second week of the online telemetry tech course.  I am grateful for your patience in helping me get started and your directions in updating my search engines and internet access.
This online course will be an asset on my resume.  I am planning on applying for a position in the telemetry department at the hospital I am currently employed with.  The department was excited to hear about this course.
It enables me to still continue with my present work schedule and conduct my studies at my convenience.
Once again, thank you.
God Bless
Anna Knapp


  1. Telemetry/EKG technician
    Over what time period is one expected to complete this course?
    Is there an exam at the end?
    Is the exam online?
    Would one need any additional books to study or is all the material supplied in the course?
    We have our own ECG/EKG equipment and I currently run ECG’s but wanted to get some form of certification.
    Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

  2. Hi Maria;
    Allow me to assist you. Please call me at 313-826-2381. I can help walk you through the process. Many of our students take the C.R.A.T. (Certified Rhythm analysis Technician) exam, once they have completed the course.

    Thank you for writing in to us,
    Kind Regards,
    Nancy Kimmel RN, Phd

  3. I am interested in this.

    1. Will this be accredited by the Cardiovascular Credentialing International if I plan to get certified?
    2. How may modules/courses are included in this?
    3. How many weeks will it take for me to finish the whole course?

    Hoping for a quick response.


  4. Hi Marc;
    Answer to first question, Yes, the CCI does accept our telemetry tech cert. We give all of our students letters of course completion addressed to the CCI when the graduate, so that they can take the C.R.A.T., With our new program, each class is 8 hours once a week. You can imagine how much material is involved. You will have access to all the study modules online through our blackboard. the 4 certifications are included, the class is 1x/wk for 4 weeks, not including off site draws and externship.
    thank you,

  5. What does the off site draw and externship involve? Does the AMA or some AHA recognize your program and the CRAT as acceptable legit certifications?

    I currently manage the ECG Technicians at our hospitals and I am looking for a credible course/certification to enhance their expertise level.

    Thank you.

  6. Hello, I am interested in taking an online course to obtain the telemetry tech certification. I am currently living in California, and I know this program is online but located in MI. Is it still possible for me take the class or do I have to find one in California. Also, I want to know if I want to take the National Healthcareer Association test online. how would I come about in doing that? Thank you!

  7. I have a question i worked for a cardiologist for about 2 yrs to do billing but because he had no assistant we were also taught to do ekg leads and holter moniters but its has been a couple of years since i have place a lead or did the moniter and wanted to know if i qualify to take this course.

  8. Hello Shankee;
    Yes you would qualify for this course. I suggest that you give me a call at 313-826-2381. This is my mobile number. We can go over the online course in more detail.
    Kind Regards,
    Nancy Kimmel RN PHD

  9. Hello Nga;
    Our Michigan certification is accepted in California as well as in most states. The course is very intensive and many schools do not even offer this type of curriculum.
    . You would qualify for the National Health Career ECG Certification if you take the ECG portion.
    Give me a call if you would like further information at 313-826-2381
    Kind Regards,

  10. I phoned and left message, no one called me. I want to do online telemetry. I have medical background but for 5 years stayed home to raise family.I am trying to go back to work.Am I eligible to take online ekg? I do not have access to ekg machine or hospital clinics yet. I do have medical assistant certificate which is still valid. also I do want to do phlebotomy course but wondering if you can arrange externship in san francisco, CA because without practical I can’t register in california.

  11. How long is this course?I work full time in a hopital have for 25 years i am a cna 12 hour shifts .Need to know what it takes to get it done,and if the cerifcation in state of wv

  12. I have a valid CNA license in VA, but am not working as a CNA right now due to conflicts with my school schedule. I noticed the hospital constantly hiring an ECG Monitor Technician and the hours were a bit more convenient for school, not to mention it is usually part-time. Would I be able to take this course? If you could let me know that would be great. Thank you!

  13. How many CEUs or Contact hours are offered after taking this course? It would be nice to become educated and also fulfill the requirements for California and North Carolina continuing education. thanks

  14. I am a recent nurse graduate and I want to expand my kwnoledge on telemetry since is the specialization i want. I live in Miami, Florida, as you can see i cannot go to regular on campus classes, so here is the question, is the online couse of temetry certified and if it is, would i be able to use it in Florida?
    thank you

  15. Dear Sandra;
    Our Course is nationally certified by the National Telemetry Association. Therefore once you have completed the course you will be eligible to sit for the National Telemetry Exam. Many of our out of state students find that they are able to become employed with our certificate alone.

    Please dont hesitate to call if you have any questions,
    kind regards,

  16. I currently work in a clinic but have 18 years as a paramedic, phlebotomist, CMA, I do and teach 12 lead ekg for the AHA. Would that make me eligible for any of these certifications or do you recommend your online course?

  17. I am an RN with no experience, but I volunteer at a hospital. I am interested in online class. What are the differences between Telemetry Tech and EKG Tech classes? What would you recommend? With online class, do I have to be online in specific schedules or whenever I have access?

  18. Hello Audie;
    The EKG course online does require an externship of 40 hours, in addition to the 60 hours of studying. The Telemetry does not require any clinicals. However, for yourself, I would recommend the Telemetry. Most nurses need to have a solid background in interpreting cardiac arrhythmia’s. It is also a good certification to have, if you want to work as a Telemetry Tech.
    thank you for writing in,

  19. Hello. I am interested in taking the telemetry and ekg program. I would like to know if telemetry is a portion of the ekg program? If not, what exams can i sit for once I have completed both? Also, what associations would I be registered through? Thanks!

  20. i have worked as a telemetry clerk for 9 years and i am wanting to move and find a job like i have now. and i am wanting to know what i have to do to for one further my education with telemetry but also get a job quicker.

  21. Hi,

    I’m graduating from nursing school (BSN) in June and am looking to build my resume. I’m currently in my senior practicum and thinking about the NCLEX and am very busy, but I’d like to squeeze in an online course. Do you think it would be too much to do with all that I’ve got going on? If I want to work on a tele, stepdown, or ICU would this be an appropriate course or should I take the EKG class once I have more time? Thank you.

  22. Hello Julia
    Your best choice would be the telemetry course. Working the the units that you mentioned will require extensive telemetry interpretation.

    Thank you for writing in,

  23. I am in TN. How do I find the 40 hours of externship required ? Does the program help find the connection? If none is found, is the course complete?

  24. Hi Mary;
    Unfortunately, we do not help with finding a clinical externship for students taking the online EKG. It is up to you to find your own. Best suggestion, go to a cardiology clinic or cardio rehab and ask if you can assist for your hours,

    Hope this helps,
    Professor Kimmel

  25. i gratuted respiratory therapist in 2008,I am looking to become certified as an ECG Technician. when searching online, I came across this course . I wanted to inquire about the course: Is it open to anyone? And if so, what is the cost? Please email me with information in regards to the course or any advise monitor tech and which one is my closer to my filed? thank you

  26. I recently finish for a degree as medical assistant waiting to take the test for certification. I wanted to add more education to my resume until I decide what direction I want to take. I live in Mississippi will there be a proably with me getting credentials.


  27. I phoned and left message, no one called me. I want to do online telemetry any one help me walk you through the process. 10q

  28. I have no background in the Medical field and am interested in your online courses. I would think that with a certification for monitor tech I could find a position in a Medical facility. My questions are:
    1) What is the difference between the EKG-Telemetry online class and the Telemetry tech+EKG+national online certification class?
    2) The online EKG Telemetry would be the one I am interested in since I live in California. On your web page it states that I must purchase calipers, and I could request printed materials…Is there an extra cost for the printed materials?
    3)Would I need to do the 40 hrs of hospital rotation to complete the online course,if so is there assistance for me in my state?
    4)Is this certification recognized and accepted in California and other states?
    5)Do I need to purchase the Telemetry study guide or is that part of the course materials?
    6) Is EKG and ECG the same terminology and is the Geometric application to Cardiac Arrhythmia interpatation included in the course study?

    I called and left a message, but have not heard back yet. Please respond as I am 100% interested in your course.

    Thank you,

  29. I became a Cardiac Monitor Tech in 1980 worked for many years in the hospital I work in.
    for the last 10 years I did not work as CMT can not believe I have lost all of my skills.
    can you give me information on your course
    I would like to apply for a position in my hospital but do not have the skills to pass exam. please tell be about your course

  30. Hello. I am a teacher with 25 years experience. I am interested in a career in the medical field. I have no experience in the medical field, but I am looking for a program that I can do that will allow me to leave teaching and move successfully into another career. How highly would you recommend this program?

  31. Hello Monet
    The $150 is for the national telemetry exam, the $299 is for the telemetry course. Register for the telemetry course for $299 to receive both the course and national exam.
    Thank you

  32. I recently just received My CNA certification and I thought I wanted to be a monitor tech instead. If I took this course will they consider it here in Washington State as a telemetry certification? Where do I take the final exam? online?

  33. Hello Cee
    For your certification to be accepted in Washington State you will need to take the National exam which is online, we offer this exam with our program.
    Thank you

  34. Hello,
    I am really interested with program, since I am foreign graduate with BSN degree living in CA, I would like to build my resume thru this kind of trainings. But my concern is the requirement about the 40 hours experience in ECG before I can be given a certification? Currently, I am unemployed and just completing my requirements to challenge NCLEX-RN, I am deeply worried on how can I comply with this?

    Hope you can address my concern because I am really interested in enrolling in the program.

    Thank you for your time.


  35. Hello,

    I am writing in regards to the EKG/Telemetry class. I have no prior medical experience formally, but have been dealing with a patient for over 15 years now. I have a general knowledge of EKG reading, as well as knowledge of heart function and disease. I am asking would this program be something that I could step into?
    Also, is this certification excepted in Alabama and Florida for this is where I will be working.
    Lastly, I can find a place to do the hours for the EKG portion… but what has to be done after the hours are completed?

    Thank you for your time,


  36. Hello Samantha
    Yes this certification will be expected in any Alabama and Florida. If you have a basic knowledge of EKG and telemetry than this will be a could program for you. You will need to do clinical hours in order to get certified in this course.
    For any further questions please call our office
    Thank you,

  37. I currently intern at a hospital in the emergency department and our scope of practice allows us to perform an EKG on patients. Will this qualify for the 40 hrs of EKG experience?

  38. Hello Chris
    Yes that will qualify as your 40 hrs, that is wonderful experience.
    For further questions feel free to call our office (734) 762-3220
    Thank you

  39. Hello Char;

    We are a licensed private post secondary school in Michigan with specialization in fast paced health careers. Once you take our course you will receive a certification from our school in the state of Michigan. You may test nationally for certification throughout the United States and Hawaii by taking either the A.M.C.A. ECG exam or the N.C.C.T. exam for ECG. We do not accept any Federal Financial Aide at this time.


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