Phlebotomy Classes, 6 Weeks, One Day Per Week + 6 weeks of blood draws

December 16, 2010 19 Comments

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Most of our course are six weeks one day per week. This schedule helps those students who are working full time, full time moms and dads, and those who are attending college.  Our six week, one day per week course schedule is famous in Michigan.  Small class sizes help students to learn.  We have evening and day courses for students to choose from.  Students are asked to preview school calender for dates and times. Our classes can accommodate the most hectic schedules.  Considering another career in the health care field?  You can begin today.

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19 Comments to “Phlebotomy Classes, 6 Weeks, One Day Per Week + 6 weeks of blood draws”
  1. Lisa Taylor says:

    interested in cna training so i can take the michigan cna certification. Only want 1 or 2 days a week.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lisa;
    Thank you for your interest. Our CENA courses run twice a week for six weeks. This schedule works out for most students, since they can plan their weeks around two days they have to attend class. Clinical rotation is also right after class, from 3PM until 8PM. I know that it makes for a long day, but at least you clinical is over with on the same day. This way you dont have to worry about going throughout the week.

    Give me a call or drop by the Garden City Location when you have time,
    Kind Regards,
    Nancy Kimmel RN, PhD

  3. Alisha says:

    Hello,I am VERY interested in two the programs and I wondering would it be possible for me to take the CENA and phlebotomy courses together? I would like to start in Januray 2011. Thank you in advance.

  4. faten says:

    HI MR.s nancy , i would like to have some info about the phelebotomy class that u offer , how many times per week and about the clinical hours and how much the class cost . and i noticed that u also offered a class for IV insertion , for the 5th of december i cant attend but when is the next session ,, please reply back,,am waiting

  5. admin says:

    Hello Alisha;
    You are more than welcome to enroll in both programs. Our CNA begins on the 21st of January 2011, which is the same week that our phlebotomy classes begin.
    Kind Regards,

  6. Mary says:

    I am interested in the CNA class. Could you please tell what the cost is as well as the times and dates. Also I am from the downriver area and wanted to know if you offer classes near by. Thank you, Mary

  7. Tracy McDaniel says:


    I am interested, How much is the class? What day of the week and the time of the class as well..


  8. Maryann says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Im looking for a program that fits my needs and Im curious about Phlebotomy and I think that will work for me. Im thinking about going back to school and i search for programs and its shows this school.
    Anyway, HOw long is the phlebotomy program? and how much the tuition fees?
    And also when is the class start by this month of march 2011.?
    Thank you,


  9. Ginger says:

    how mcuh does your phlebotomy courses cost and is this an accredited school is there a branch near ohio because thats where i reside

  10. tiffany says:

    Hello I would like to know where I can take cena classes and phelbotomy classes at in pontiac michigan

  11. Brieanna says:

    Hello, I am going to be graduating from high school next year, and I am planning on taking the 6 week phlebotomy course afterwards. I was just wondering how much it will cost? Thanks.

  12. Amy Brunner says:

    Hello, I’m interested in the Phlebotomy Tech online course. This is something that i’ve been looking into for awhile but just don’t know how to get started. I’ve never been to college before but i did graduate from high school with a diploma. I’m still thinking of going to a community college to take this course but it would be alot easier for me to do online. I work full time and have kids so like i said this would be so convinent for me at the moment. Do i need prior experience or can i start as a beginner? I know a certified Phlebotomist that is willing to help me, I just need to know what to do and how to get started. Thank you!

  13. Amy Brunner says:

    How much is this course and what is included? Do i need any videos or books, supplies, etc? Thanks

  14. admin says:

    Hi Amy;
    Please let me know to which course you are referring.


  15. Amy Brunner says:

    Hello, sorry about that…i was referring to the Phlebotomy program and also the ECG Tech or EKG tech. Thank You

  16. Akiyah says:


    Can i have more information on phlebotomy program.



  17. admin says:

    Hello Akiyah
    We have 3 different options for our Phlebotomy course. First the basic phlebotomy course for $500 including EKG and Telemetry online. Second our 5 certification phlebotomy program includes phlebotomy, IV tech, EKG, Telemetry, and National Telemetry all in class for $950. Third our 6 certification program includes Phlebotomy, IV tech, EKG, Telemetry, Nation Telemetry, and your choice of PCT or CLA for $1200. The next start dates are February 26 from 5:00pm- 9:30pm or February 28 from 8:00am- 2:30pm.
    Thank you

  18. SOPHIA says:

    Good Day,
    I am an Nursing Assistant and would like to be able to take the 6 certification program. I was wondering when would the next session begin. I live in abroad, however I just have to put in vacation time to complete course. Please advice.

    Best Regards
    Ms. Smith

  19. admin says:

    We have several classes beginning in January and Feb. Our next program for the 6 certs will begin January 25th, Saturday from 8-2:30pm for 9 weeks.

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