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Phlebotomy Technician Course

Phlebotomy Career Training is located at 28050 Ford Road Suite C Garden City, Michigan 48135 Telephone: 734-762-3220 Fax: 734-762-1718 Phlebotomy Technician Program Courses will run every 4 weeks unless otherwise stated Phlebotomy Technician Course Cost: $500.00  Why Choose a career as a  Phlebotomy Technician at Phlebotomy Career Training? Our graduates become leaders in the field… Read more »

AMCA Approves ECG and Phlebotomy Courses at Phlebotomy Career Training

  AMCA Phlebotomy Career Training is pleased to announce approval from the AMCA for the following programs; Phlebotomy and Electrocardiogram Technician. Association). Obtaining approval from the AMCA requirements are strict at best. PCT is very enthusiastic about having approval of the AMCA for the benefit of the students. Many of PCT’s students transfer out of… Read more »

Certified Phlebotomy Technician Course

Why Choose a Phlebotomy Certificate? The phlebotomy certificate provides students with the knowledge and skill to be able to obtain blood samples for medical tests accurately and safely. Graduates of the phlebotomy certificate may be able to become nationally certified.   Students receive thirty six hours of classroom lecture.  Study materials, handouts, all lab equipment… Read more »

Is a Career in Phlebotomy for you?

So you are considering a career in phlebotomy? That’s wonderful. Answer some of the questions below to see if a career in phlebotomy is for you. 1. You always want to help others. a) True b) False c) Sometimes d) Not usually 2. The site of blood doesn’t bother you. a) True b) False c)… Read more »

Small Class Sizes

Class sizes range from 8-10 students per class, each student receives individual attention.