Medical Assistant Program Online

Location: Online course begins upon enrollment. Student has 24/7 access, to study at their own pace Instructor: Nancy Kimmel, PhD, FNP-BC Med School I

Medical Assistant Program Online

$2,000.00 $700.00

This course is accredited by the NCCT Students will have immediate access to the course after registering online.  The national exam is included in the course cost, which students our staff will help students set up after they have completed the course and their 204 clinical hours.

Medical Assistant Practice Kit Contains:
Kit Includes :
• 10 – pair-Nitrile Non-Sterile Gloves
• 24 – Alcohol Prep Pads
• 3 – 3cc Luer Lock Syringe Only
• 1 – 5cc Luer Lock Syringe Only
• 1 – Safetyglide Syringe/Needle, 3cc 25g x 5/8″
• 1 – Safetyglide Syringe/Needle, 3cc 23g x 1″
• 1 – Safetyglide Syringe/Needle, 3cc 22g x 1 1/2″ IM
• 1- Safetyglide Syringe/Needle, .3cc 29g x 1/2″
• 1 – Safetyglide Syringe/Needle, .5cc 29g x 1/2″
• 1 – Safetyglide Insulin Syringe/Needle, 1cc 29g x 1/2″
• 1 – Safetyglide TB Syringe/Needle, 1cc 26g x 3/8″
• 1 – Safetyglide TB Syringe/Needle, 1cc 27g x 1/2″
• 1 – Safetyglide Needle, 25g x 5/8″ SubQ
• 1 – Safetyglide Needle, 23g x 1″ IM
• 1 – Safetyglide Needle, 21g x 1″ IM
• 1 – Practi-Insulin Training Pack, Reg/NPH
• 1 – Injectable Solution, 10mL 0.9% NaCL
• 1 – Practi-Powder Vial, 10mL, Yellow
• 1 – Practi-Amp, 2mL, Clear
• 1 – Practi-Mini Amp, 1mL, Clear
• 1 – Practi-Medication, 20 Meds/pkg
• 10 – Plastic Medication Cups, 1 oz
• 10 – Souffle Medication Cups, 1/2 oz
• 2 – Pair Nitrile Surgeon Gloves

Requirements for NCCT exam
Current student enrolled in NCCT approved school.
You must be a United States high school graduate or hold equivalent credentials (e.g., GED).
You must submit a copy of your Medical Assistant diploma, certificate of completion, or official (signed) transcript with graduation date.
All required documents must be submitted within two years after successful program completion in order for your certification to be released.
Exam Fee: $90 Phlebotomy Career Training will pay this to the NCCT once the Medical Assistant has graduated and completed their 204 externship, or can document medical assistant clinical experience.

Medical Assistant Program Online

$2,000.00 $700.00

Brand new program, Call office for more details at 734-762-3220 or (313) 826-2381

This is an entirely online class, in which the student has up to 6 months to complete the course. Students are responsible for obtaining clinical to meet their requirements for graduation. This course is accredited by the NCCT and the AMCA. Students may complete the national exam in their perspective state at a testing center near their home upon successful course completion. All books, study guides and materials are included in this course. Once students enroll online, the instructor will send out an email introducing themselves and helping them with their course login and materials. Students will have unlimited access to all courses as well as instructor access. Students study on their own time at their own pace and can reach out to their teacher whenever they have a question. Students are given 6 months to complete the course, but can finish sooner. The NCCT national Medical Assistant exam is also included, student must take this exam within 6 months of graduating.

Students are given unlimited access to our school’s web-based educational learning portal at no charge.

Students are responsible for obtaining 204 clinical hours to meet their requirements for graduation.

What's Included: Book Kinns medical assistant, instructor access, certification, eligibility to take national exam

  • Online Course Access
  • Medical Assistant Book by Kinn's
  • National Exam through NCCT for Medical Assistant
  • Medical Assistant Practice Kit

About Your Instructor
Nancy Kimmel, PhD, FNP-BC Med School I

Professor Kimmel will be student’s online instructor and mentor them personally through the program.

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