Find Phlebotomy Technician Jobs at These 6 Places

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Whether 2019 has you looking for your first phlebotomy job or your next phlebotomy job, we have good news: there are tens of thousands of phlebotomy jobs listed in the U.S.

Because there are so many phlebotomy jobs listed, it’s a good idea to understand which websites give you the best chance at finding the best one for you. To help you, we surveyed top internet job boards based on a variety of factors that included:

  1. Number of phlebotomy jobs posted
  2. Online traffic volume
  3. Available free features
  4. … and more

Our efforts identified the following five websites. Each is worth an initial review as you search for a phlebotomy job.

Please note that Phlebotomy Career Training receives NO paid promotional consideration from the following five sites. This overview is provided as a service to our cherished colleagues who are seeking phlebotomy jobs.

1. features the broadest number of phlebotomy job listings, though it isn’t always the first site that comes to mind when searching for a job. If you’re interested in a phlebotomy job, though, the sheer volume of returns compels at least an initial review.

Features: mobile app, job alerts, company reviews, advice for job seekers


Originally known more as a professional networking site, now hosts a great many job listings. It’s an attractive phlebotomy job searching site because you can search for positions and conduct some networking within the same site. Less appealing is LinkedIn’s recurring pitches for paid services. Everything from appearing more prominently to recruiters to sending person-to-person messages and resume writing services comes with a price tag. But you can still get a lot out of this site without spending a dime (and we do not recommend a paid account), so be sure to take a look at it.

Features: mobile app, job alerts, access to members of the medical/phlebotomy community, advice for job seekers, industry-related articles written by subject-matter experts


There was a time when represented the pinnacle of job search sites. Not only would it have been an immediate must for any phlebotomy job search, but it might also have been close to the only option. But times change and competition increases, so is one of several to which you can turn. One advantage its experience has earned it: the site is easy to use and bursting with useful information.

Features: mobile app, job alerts, company reviews, advice for job seekers (and many other informative articles)


Television commercials have helped earn more marketing mindshare than it had a year or two ago. But the majority of its commercials focus on companies who are hiring, not people looking for jobs. The number of phlebotomy jobs listed on is at the lower end of the range for these five sites, but you only need one job — not 10,000 jobs. Take a look to see if could work for you.

Features: mobile app, job alerts, advice for job seekers


A site that aggregates job postings from across the internet, produces a fair amount of search results … but not much more. It’s “just the facts” approach is excellent for a quick search. But don’t expect much more interactivity with the site than a search for phlebotomy jobs.

Features: mobile app, job alerts

One more:

There is one final site closer to home that you’ll want to bookmark: Phlebotomy Career Training’s own job board, available exclusively for students. Resume templates are available in each field for which Phlebotomy Career Training offers education. Using them is as easy as:

  1. Downloading the resume template
  2. Filling in the template’s blank spaces

Phlebotomy Career Training links each listed job directly to hospital websites, saving students the time of searching online.

The phlebotomy job you want is out there

Over time, you may identify a site or two you prefer for your phlebotomy job search. Irrespective of which sites become your favorites, take advantage of the free tools and resources they offer.

For instance, set up automatic email job alerts. Automating that part of your search allows you to spend more time networking and deploying other tactics … which may be the difference between getting the phlebotomy job you want and settling for less.

If additional training is keeping you from your goals, Phlebotomy Career Training can help. As the nation’s leader in medical health careers and certification, we offer courses and support that fits around the many demands you already juggle. Click here to learn more.