NAPTP Immunization Technician Certification with Study Guide

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NAPTP Immunization Technician Certification with Study Guide


The NAPTP has provided Phlebotomy Career Training permission to offer their National Immunization Technician Exam along with the study guide.  Students who pass this course & exam will receive a certificate of Immunization Technician which is valid for two years.

NAPTP Immunization Technician Certification with Study Guide


The National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals (NAPTP) is now offering the Immunization Technican Course and Exam via the website.  This certification through the NAPTP will allow Phlebotomists to provide vaccinations throughout the United States at various medical offices, government facilities and pharmacies.Phlebotomy Career Training has been approved to affiliate market the NAPTP course and exam with study guide.

“Phlebotomist giving a vaccination”

It’s amazing to be a phlebotomist. What’s more amazing and fun is to be a phlebotomist who can also administer vaccinations!  Most phlebotomist are very comfortable with needles, which is why phlebotomists make the best IV technician and injection technicians.  The national, “Immunization Technician Certification Exam” through the NAPTP, will help every phlebotomist get extra pay as well as side jobs providing the United States Population with vaccinations throughout health fairs, pharmacies and urgent cares.  The most important national certification to have, next to your phlebotomy technician certification is one to show that you can give injections.

Students wishing to take this exam must be a phlebotomist, medical assistant or have other experience in the medical field.

National Immunization Technician Course & Exam along with the PDF Study guide.

  • National Immunization Technician Course & Exam through the NAPTP
  • Immunization Technician Study Guides
  • Access to the online course and exam through the website

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