Online: Super 20 Certifications pay only $400 for 8 months on Amazon Pay

Location: in class or online Instructor: Nancy Kimmel, PhD, CNP

Online: Super 20 Certifications pay only $400 for 8 months on Amazon Pay

$400.00 / month for 8 months

Students can now take advantage for the first time in 10 years a payment plan here at Phlebotomy Career Training.  student can earn the certifications which will make them a valuable resource in any of the health care fields for life.

Online: Super 20 Certifications pay only $400 for 8 months on Amazon Pay

$400.00 / month for 8 months

New News! Hot off the presses is our Super 20. Most students who are looking for a hands on technical training course such as health care professions are used to paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. But what if you were able to get 20 certifications for the price of one or two courses?  As unbelievable as this may seem, PCT has taken all of their best certifications and is now offering them for a fraction of the cost. The 20 certification program will prepare students for a lifetime of uninterrupted work opportunities. Students may now take advantage of our payment plan option. Looking at the courses and all the national certifications, students should feel confident and secure that they will have the marketable skills to keep them employed for a lifetime of opportunities. There is no other program such as this offered by any other schools in the U.S. for the price or the amount of courses that are included. All students both online and in class are welcome to take advantage of this special offer.

This program includes all books and study materials.  Additionally, student are matriculated to into clinical externships at local urgent care and physician offices for a total of 204 clinical hours.  Students are given individual attention and have hands on instruction in the classroom and online from our MSN nurse instructors and medical professionals.
The Super 20 certification program will provide the student limitless job opportunities. Students will be able to attend class with all the amenities with the freedom of making monthly payments. Students can get quality education that elsewhere would cost them in excess of $15,000. Additionally, students will be able to have access to their books and supplies throughout each class, which will help them feel more prepared. Here is a list of the following courses and certifications that are included in the Super 20.

Phlebotomy Technician
Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician
Electrocardiogram technician
Telemetry Technician
Mental Health Technician
Patient Care Technician
Medical Assistant
IV Technician
Clinical Lab Assistant
Dialysis Technician
Medical billing and coding Certification
Hazardous Materials Handler Certification

National IV Certification
National Medical Assistant Certification
National Medical Billing/coding
National Telemetry
National Electrocardiogram technician
National Patient Care Technician
National Phlebotomy Certification
National Medical Assistant Certification

Students receive access to all the above mentioned national exams. Once the student has national certification, they are able to travel to any state and work with their advanced credentials. This offer will not last. We at PCT are happy that we can offer payment options for students. So many students have wanted to take this program in the past but were unable to because of the financial burden of the rapid payback. However, the best part of this offer, is that students will be loan free once they graduate and the payments are all completed at the end of 6 months. There is no better feeling than to have the educational credentials without the overhead of school loans.

If you are interested in further information please call our offices at 313-826-2381

no prior experience is needed.

The Super 20 includes the following certifications;

  • Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Clinical Laboratory Assistant
  • Medication Aide
  • I.V. Technician
  • Telemetry Technician
  • EKG Technician
  • National EKG exam
  • National Telemetry Association Cardiac Arrhythmia Technician exam
  • National I.V. Technician exam
  • National Phlebotomy Technician exam
  • Mental Health Technician Certification
  • Medical Billing and Coding Certification
  • Accredited Clinical Medical Assistant exam through the A.M.C.A.
  • National Phlebotomy Technician through the A.M.C.A.
  • National EKG exam through the A.M.C.A.
  • Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician (an exclusive program offered only through PCT)
  • Hazardous Materials Manager
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Books & Study Materials

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Nancy Kimmel, PhD, CNP