Medication Aide

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Medication Aide


This is a 48 hour course which teaches students about medication, dosages, routes and assessment of the patient prior to administering medication. The final exam must be proctored. The school will provide students with suggested proctor locations in their city of residence. Students have up to 6 months to complete the course, however, it may be completed in less time depending on the progress of the student. Students will have 24/7 access to course and instructor assistance.
This course is available to students who full the necessary requirements. Please check with your state nursing board prior to enrolling in this course as some states require in class instruction. Currently, Texas and Kansas do not accept online instruction for medication aide.

Medication Aide


Online CLASS HOURS: – 48 hours

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses, 9th Edition
Math for Meds Dosages and Solutions 9th edition

Welcome to the Medication Aide class. This class will prepare the successful student to perform the tasks necessary to become a Medication Aide and to understand the Medication Aide role in health care.

We will be exploring medication administration concepts and how they relate to the Medication Aide. This class content consists of lecture, reading assignments, homework assignments, video presentations, skills tests and quizzes.

Topics to be covered will include the history of drug therapy, the legal and moral responsibility of the MEDICATION AIDE, and understanding of human anatomy as it is related to drug therapy, the various forms available for use by the MEDICATION AIDE, specific drug examples, administration of medications, and the special needs of geriatric, and chronically ill residents.

This course requires a high level of student commitment to read and complete all online assignments. To help facilitate student learning, we will be exploring the content using a variety of methods including, online lecture, video tutorial demonstration, and assigned homework. Student must be self-directed with respect to learning.

All quizzes may be taken as many times as the student desires. The quizzes do not count against the students grade. However, the final exam must be proctored and students must score an 85% or higher to pass the class.


You must:
1. complete online sessions to complete a minimum of 48 hours of lecture/reading assignments and tests
2. Complete all homework assignments in a timely manner as assigned
3. Maintain a 85% overall average on quizzes and exams.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to safely and competently administer medications under the direction of a Licensed Nurse and within his/her scope of practice.

Prerequisites: Students taking this class should have at least 1 year experience as certified nursing assistant. The must have prior medication pass experience and submit documentation of prior med pass experience.

  • Medication Aide Certification
  • Davis Drug Guide
  • Math for Meds

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