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PCT Instructs Students in Sterile Field Technique

Phlebotomy Career Training is the only phlebotomy school to instruct students in the preparation of the sterile field technique.  Currently our instructors are collaborating in hopes of developing a book for the students that includes the details of the sterile field technique. The importance of maintaining proper infection control standards is the cornerstone of any… Read more »

Phlebotomy Students get 25 hours of Supervised venipunctures

Students at Phlebotomy Career Training are offered 25 venipunctures.  Each venipuncutre that a student performs is supervised by a Registered Nurse and or Certified Phlebotomy Technician with over 20 years of experience.    Students are given 25 hours of direct personal supervision.  This type of practice is crucial in helping the students develop their sterile technique… Read more »

Is a Career in Phlebotomy for you?

So you are considering a career in phlebotomy? That’s wonderful. Answer some of the questions below to see if a career in phlebotomy is for you. 1. You always want to help others. a) True b) False c) Sometimes d) Not usually 2. The site of blood doesn’t bother you. a) True b) False c)… Read more »

Test Your Knowledge on Phlebotomy

1. What is the name of the preservative found in blue top tubes? a) sodium nitrate b) potassium citrate c) sodium citrate d) edta 2. Where is the best place to put your sharps? a) in a waste basket b) in a sharps container c) in a jar d) wrapped in tissue 3. A Prothrombin… Read more »

Students get 25 in Class Draws!

At PCT we put our students first. Students are given individual one on one instruction by experienced phlebotomy technicians with twenty or more years experience. Two registered nurses are on site at all times during draw days. PCT opens the school two days per week to accommodate students and help them to achieve their draws…. Read more »