Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

So what makes someone content and happy? One may say a successful career and happy home. Perhaps that is too cliche or commercial sounding. The answer is different for everyone. The point is this, working at a job day after day should not feel as if it’s the end of the world every morning. The medical field is a great place to begin a new career. It offers something that most other jobs don’t, which is true emotional content and the reciprocity of kindness and compassion. Definitely not your everyday words, especially in heavy traffic. But it is something that once you experience it, you can never go back to any other job that isn’t patient care related. Phlebotomy is a career that requires no previous experience, no overwhelming hands on patient care, such as a certified nursing assistant and no surgery, which by the way requires 14 years of school. Not everyone can stomach the site of blood. However, there are those who are able to be around blood all day long but do not like the site of their own blood. This is actually quite common. Phlebotomy is the medical profession of drawing blood from patients. You get to work with children, babies, adults and the elderly. You get to meet people and most of all you get to interact with them and give a little bit of yourself to them in the way of a smile, a gentle touch and just being the amazing person that you are. You can actually make about the same salary as someone who just graduated from graduate school or got their bachelor’s degree. The medical field pays off in more ways than just salary. Working with patient’s gives you more rewards than you could ever imagine.
This is in no way implying that the job you currently love is not noble. The fact is, that anyone who takes pride in their job is noble, even if their job is painting, waiting tables or cutting down trees. Medical health care providers work with those who are helpless, ill, infirm and in pain. People who are helpless and in need cause those of us destined to be medical providers to become instinctively empathetic. If you are the type of person who feels this way when faced with those in need, then you should probably consider a career in the healthcare field.
This field requires that special feeling of wanting to help others. The feeling that health care providers take home with them every night is the feeling of knowing they did their best and have helped others make it through one more day. This feeling is so powerful that it motivates health care workers to want to further their education in the medical field. So when we are talking about points for being happy, we need to look past the glitz and massive photo posts to what truly makes someone happy at the end of a long day. It may be subjective, but the feeling of accomplishment and helping make someone’s life a little better and brighter may be just one of the ingredients of happiness. Phlebotomy Career Training is one of Michigan’s best training schools for phlebotomy and other medical related positions.