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Fast Track Your Phlebotomy Certification Online

Wouldn’t it be great to have a new career in only 6 weeks?            At Phlebotomy Career Training you can achieve your goal.  You can Fast track your phlebotomy certification online.  Our online classes can be done in as little as six weeks.  We have great instructors and you will have… Read more »

Phlebotomy Career Training now offers online Phlebotomy Classes

For those who are interested in joining our online phlebotomy program at Phlebotomy Career Training, we offer many perks. The course is at your own pace and you can have up to six months to finish. The best part is that the national exam is also included. The National exam is normally $129 by itself… Read more »

Our Facility is now Certified by Micro Clean

Please read the following article from Tech News. Below is our recent interview with Steve Kubec, General Manager at Microshield360: Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Microshield360? A: MicroShield 360 provides a unique coating system that PREVENTS 90+ pathogens (think common cold, flu, MRSA, e. coli, mold and odors) from living… Read more »

Phlebotomy Career Training: Announcing an expansion to our phlebotomy course

The discipline of phlebotomy has seen considerable growth in recent years. The pandemic exposed more than a few of our healthcare systems weaknesses, with one of them being the dearth of Phlebotomists and technicians when they were of critical importance (i.e. in administering vaccines and taking blood samples for tests). Given that phlebotomists form a… Read more »