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What is a Cardio- Phlebotomist?

? When you look at the title, what do you think of? Cardio, pertains to heart and phlebotomy pertains to drawing blood. Put them together and you have a certification that indicates you have specialities in both. Phlebotomy Career Training has been offering the Cardio-Phlebotomy course for over 10 years. You might say that we… Read more »

Clia Waived Laboratory at Phlebotomy Career Training

Prospective phlebotomy students have a hard time to decide where they want to do their training, whether it be online or in class.  At phlebotomy career training, we have a CLIA Waived laboratory on site where students will learn point of care testing.  Point of care testing means procedures which can be done onsite with… Read more »

Interested in Phlebotomy Technician Classes

  What does a phlebotomist do? This is a common question from those who are not familiar with the job of a phlebotomist. The phlebotomist goes by other names as well, such as lab technician or lab assistant. The phlebotomy technician wears many hats. They do not only draw blood, which is called venipuncture. The… Read more »

Home Health Aides change lives for the better

Who are the home health aides? The home health aide is a dedicated professional whose job it is to provide companionship and comfort care to those who are home bound by either sickness or injury. The patients who are in need of a home health do not necessarily have to be elderly.  They could be a… Read more »