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What is a Medication Technician?

    Have you ever considered becoming a medication technician? Do you know what they do? The medication technician is usually a certified nurses assistant, home health aide or direct care worker. While it is true that both licensed practical nurses and registered nurses pass medications, there is a high demand for non-licensed healthcare workers… Read more »

In Class Patient Care Technician

    Patient care technicians are said to be the new LPN’s. The reason for this has to do with the amount of responsibility that the hospital is willing to accept when hiring a patient care technician. More and more hospitals are using patient care technicians to assist in the advance care of patients. The… Read more »

Online Medical Billing

The professional job description is often referred to as medical billing and coding. This particular job remains a mystery to those of us who are not part of the medical field where all the financing takes place. Have you ever wondered what a medical billing and coding specialist does for a living? Their job description… Read more »

In class Medical Assistant Class

    Have you ever considered becoming a medical assistant? What is the first question that comes to your mind? How do I afford it? Where is a good school? How do I know if I’ll like it? Can I get a job when I’m finished and is the school accredited? Great questions, all. We… Read more »

Online Patient Care Technician Classes

Have you thought about becoming a Patient Care Technician? If so, the first thing that you will need to do is to understand the duties of a Patient Care Technician. The job duties of a patient care technician include but are not limited to the following; bathing a patient, feeding a patient, performing personal hygiene… Read more »