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Make Time Spent in Quarantine Time Well-Spent

Make Time Spent in Quarantine Time Well-Spent By Zainab A. CCMA, NCPT, NCIVT One of the dreariest things about being stuck at home under a state-issued order is not having enough to do other than watch T.V. all day or scroll on your phone. It can be mentally exhausting to not be able to see… Read more »

Online Careers in Healthcare Skyrocket

How have you been spending your days at home?   Have you thought of becoming a medical provider? Have you considered online learning? Online programs are now more in demand than ever.  There is a need for more medical personnel in the field.   You may be asking yourself how is it possible to get a career… Read more »

Covid 19 update for on Campus Students

Greetings Students; We at Phlebotomy Career Training understand the frustration and fear of our students during these unprecedented times. Phlebotomy Career Training must comply with the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer’s directive to help stop the spread of the Covid 19 virus by limiting person to person contact. Beginning March 22nd, 2020 all current on… Read more »

Preventing Infection with proper handwashing

? Proper hand washing techniques prevent the transmission of infection and help save lives. Over 280,000 people die of infection related nosocomial infections in various health care facilities yearly. A nosocomial infection is an infection which someone acquires after they have been admitted to a health care facility for another illness. Typically, within 48 hours… Read more »

Freedom of the mobile phlebotomist

We all know that phlebotomists work all sorts of hours.  They have to, because hospitals never close.  Traditionally the phlebotomist works in laboratories, clinics and hospitals. But what if you could work where ever and whenever you choose?  Think about it.  Driving on the open road or flying on a plane to California, Hawaii or… Read more »

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