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Online EKG Technician

How many of us have had an EKG? If you said yes, then you know that it can be embarrassing and a little unnerving. However, knowing what to expect makes you a better health care provider because you know what could be done to make the procedure a little less embarrassing and awkward particularly if… Read more »

Online Dialysis Technician

  When you look at the video, what do you think is most important, the hemodialysis machine or the patient? If you answered the hemodialysis machine, then you need to look deeper at what is really happening. While it is true that the dialysis machine is crucial for the patient’s survival, what is more important… Read more »

Online IV Certification

?   Phlebotomy Career Training announces its first comprehensive online IV certification. Students will learn to insert, remove and troubleshoot intravenous lines. This is a field that once was only designated to Registered Nurses. For the most part it still is, however with the advent of new technology and the high demand for previously in… Read more »

Medical Assistant Online

Announcing the Special of the year. Phlebotomy Career Training announces that the Medical Assistant Online class certification is now being offered for $500. This price has never before been offered for our medical assistant online program. Phlebotomy Career Training is accredited through the NCCT, AMCA, and the NHA. Students who enroll in Phlebotomy Career Training’s… Read more »

Congratulations to Mrs. Tammy Shown winner of the Crystal Apple award

We at Phlebotomy Career Training proudly congratulate Mrs. Tammy Shown for her dedication to excellence in education by presenting her with the teacher of the year crystal apple award. Awards were presented to Mrs. Tammy Shown and Mr. Asad Abdurraham for their work in the field of training medical health care providers in the fields… Read more »