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Medical Assistant Online

Announcing the Special of the year. Phlebotomy Career Training announces that the Medical Assistant Online class certification is now being offered for $500. This price has never before been offered for our medical assistant online program. Phlebotomy Career Training is accredited through the NCCT, AMCA, and the NHA. Students who enroll in Phlebotomy Career Training’s… Read more »

Congratulations to Mrs. Tammy Shown winner of the Crystal Apple award

We at Phlebotomy Career Training proudly congratulate Mrs. Tammy Shown for her dedication to excellence in education by presenting her with the teacher of the year crystal apple award. Awards were presented to Mrs. Tammy Shown and Mr. Asad Abdurraham for their work in the field of training medical health care providers in the fields… Read more »

Phlebotomy Online Class now $500

The new year is fast approaching and with that being said the impetus of going back to school to learn a new skill is going to burgeon. With every new year, we make new years resolution. Perhaps your new years resolution is to go back to school and become a phlebotomist. If so, then Phlebotomy… Read more »

Certified Nurse Aide Classes now $500 for January

Great news for all aspiring nurses aides, Phlebotomy Career Training is now offering its upcoming certified nurse aide class for only $500. This is the first time in 11 years that Phlebotomy Career Training has offered their Certified Nurse Aide classes at such a low price. It comes as a welcome to relief to many… Read more »

How often is Paget’s disease identified in Advance Practice Nursing?

Paget’s Disease, how frequently do Advance Practice Nurses see this disorder? Advanced Article Tuesday (236 Views 0 Replies 952 Words) by nlkimmel nlkimmel, MSN, PhD, RN (New Member) New Member Nurse nlkimmel is a MSN, PhD, RN and specializes in MSN-FNP-BC. How to diagnose Paget’s Disease in females? There is evidence to suggest that the… Read more »

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