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Would you like to become a Nursing Assistant?

It’s interesting how many people do not know what a nursing assistant does for a living.  Some people think that CNA’s draw blood in addition to their other skills.  Some will blurt out and frankly state, “Don’t they clean up peoples poop?”  How is someone supposed to answer this?  The most important aspect of being… Read more »

Are Patient’s safe at Dialysis Centers?

Many of us don’t think about kidney disease on a regular basis, unless of course we are one of the 468,000 people in the U.S. on weekly hemodialysis treatments. Hemodialysis centers appear to be popping up regularly in communities across America. Many of these centers are situated next to restaurants and shopping centers. As unobtrusive… Read more »

Begin a rewarding career as a Dialysis Technician

Being a dialysis technician is an exciting and rewarding career. Students who are considering this program should have prior patient care experience. This program is a intensive training on how to care for the dialysis patient. The students are taught about the anatomy and physiology of the renal system. This must first be understood in… Read more »

NTA Accredited Telemetry Class

The era of earning accredited degrees online through accredited universities has become the accepted norm. However, for schools who are not the main stream accredited educational institutions, credibility remains an issue. These schools operate under the title, Licensed Proprietary School. While they are not typically accredited, they do fulfill a community need of preparing students… Read more »

Make up to $50 per hour as a Nursing Assistant

One would first wonder if this were in fact true. However it is. The certified nursing assistant can work with a Medical Travel agency and make up to $50 per hour if not more. Certified nursing assistants are the backbone of the medical profession. They are the ones who are there by the patients side… Read more »

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