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How to Successfully pass the National Exam for Medical Assistant

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Indeed, there are many online programs advertised on the internet. This makes it hard for those who want to start their education as a medical assistant but are not sure which program to choose from. Phlebotomy Career Training has been training medical assistants and phlebotomist for over 13 years in the state of Michigan. Phlebotomy… Read more »

How do Medical Assistants manage with Covid Patients

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Now more than ever, healthcare institutions are relying on certified medical assistants. Certified medical assistants are serving as the backbone of medical facilities all over the world, proving to be an invaluable asset during the COVID-19 crisis. The training and knowledge that certified medical assistants possess make them elite medical professionals in high demand, especially… Read more »

Career Advancement for Medical Assistants

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Career Advancement for Medical Assistants Medical Assistants Medical assistants, also known as a “clinical assistants” or healthcare assistants, are an allied health professionals who support the work of physicians, physician assistants and other health professionals, usually in a clinical setting. What do Medical Assistants do? Medical Assistants (MA) perform administrative and certain clinical duties under… Read more »

Do Medical Assistant Certification Credits Transfer?

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Do Medical Assistant Certification Credits Transfer? Many students have this question while they train at facilities to get their certifications. However, in order to answer it, we need to briefly introduce Medical Assistants and highlight the importance of the MA certification. Moreover, we will define what ” Academic Credit Transfer” mean and then find out… Read more »