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Online Patient Care Technician Classes

Patient Care Technician

Have you thought about becoming a Patient Care Technician? If so, the first thing that you will need to do is to understand the duties of a Patient Care Technician. The job duties of a patient care technician include but are not limited to the following; bathing a patient, feeding a patient, performing personal hygiene… Read more »

Online Dialysis Technician

online dialysis class

  When you look at the video, what do you think is most important, the hemodialysis machine or the patient? If you answered the hemodialysis machine, then you need to look deeper at what is really happening. While it is true that the dialysis machine is crucial for the patient’s survival, what is more important… Read more »

Online IV Certification

Online IV Certification

?   Phlebotomy Career Training announces its first comprehensive online IV certification. Students will learn to insert, remove and troubleshoot intravenous lines. This is a field that once was only designated to Registered Nurses. For the most part it still is, however with the advent of new technology and the high demand for previously in… Read more »

How often is Paget’s disease identified in Advance Practice Nursing?

Paget’s Disease, how frequently do Advance Practice Nurses see this disorder? Advanced Article Tuesday (236 Views 0 Replies 952 Words) by nlkimmel nlkimmel, MSN, PhD, RN (New Member) New Member Nurse nlkimmel is a MSN, PhD, RN and specializes in MSN-FNP-BC. How to diagnose Paget’s Disease in females? There is evidence to suggest that the… Read more »

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

So what makes someone content and happy? One may say a successful career and happy home. Perhaps that is too cliche or commercial sounding. The answer is different for everyone. The point is this, working at a job day after day should not feel as if it’s the end of the world every morning. The… Read more »