Make up to $50 per hour as a Nursing Assistant

One would first wonder if this were in fact true. However it is. The certified nursing assistant can work with a Medical Travel agency and make up to $50 per hour if not more. Certified nursing assistants are the backbone of the medical profession. They are the ones who are there by the patients side and giving direct personal care to each and every patient that they are assigned. A CNA must complete a program through their state with a minimum of 75 hours. These are both state and government regulations. Their instructor must be an registered nurse with a state certification as a “Train the Trainer”, have a least 2 years in long term care and be experienced in teaching the adult learner. Graduate nurse aides will then register to take their state exam through Prometric centers. Once the nurse aide takes their exam through the Prometric they will be certified through their state. They will be given a certification number and their name and social security number will be placed on the state registry database for all health care employers to access. The CNA has a very important job of making sure that their patients are safe, comfortable and not in any danger. They are the patients only friend and caregiver in many situations. The nurse aide holds the hand of the dying patient, cleans up the patient who could not hold their bowels or bladder, helps shower and feed. The medical health care agencies employ CNA’s all over the U.S. CNA’s must uphold their code of ethics and know their scope of practice, and because they are state certified, the temp agencies know that they are able to rely on them for many patient care centered jobs that registered nurses may choose not to take.
Once the nurse aide is hired as a medical temporary staff member, they will be given travel expenses, food expenses and also their room and board will also be paid in full, not to mention that they will also be provided a car. In addition to this the CNA will be paid at least two to three times what they would normally make working locally. Combined with all the amenities included in their travel package, the CNA is making over $50 per hour. Travel CNA’s is a great way to meet people and gain experience in a variety of health care fields. The travel CNA can be placed in many diverse scenarios with respect to the needs of the patient. They may be placed in a hospital, long term care facility, patient’s home or physicians office. They CNA will be afforded a rich and rewarding experience, along with making a sizable paycheck.
How to get started? The first step is to find a state licensed school that offers a CNA program. Make sure that it fits your budget and your time schedule. The one thing that you don’t want to do is to purchase a course where you are not able to devote the necessary time to study. There are many concepts to learn as a CNA along with a laundry list of medical terminology. Also make sure that you are able to attend every class. The state typically requires that every class be attended or the student will be dropped from the class. These are very strict rules. But these are in place to make sure that the student is able to learn the necessary skills needed to take care of those who are helpless and dependent upon others for their care. Once you have finished the class, you will be off and running.
Check out your medical temp agencies locally, you may be surprised at the opportunities that are available to you. Most importantly, never go into any field because of the money, especially in health care. This is one of the fields that you have to love helping people first. Having compassion and love for your fellow man is the core prerequisite to becoming an awesome CNA and one that is very successful. Many CNA’s love their careers so much that they go on to become nurses and physicians. There are many perks to working with temp agency. One of the most important perks is that most of them will also pay for the CNA to go back to school for a higher degree in the medical field such as nursing. Typically the CNA will have to sign a contract with the agency agreeing to work with them for a specified number of hours per year, but the trade off is free tuition. In many cases local hospitals will also provide free health care and tuition reimbursement for the nurses aide.
It is a great field.

Phlebotomy Career Training has been offering CNA classes for over 10 years and have graduated successful students who are working all over the state of Michigan.