Certified Nursing Assistant $600 Now Accepting Students for January 25th class

This was our first graduation CNA class, it was wonderful, the cake was a person with a foley catheter


Phlebotomy Career Training is pleased to announce it’s 11th, year training Certified Nursing Assistants.   Our latest scores on the state exam were 91%, one of the highest in the state of Michigan.    Congratulations to all of our student’s who worked so hard to obtain their goals.  We are pleased to offer the nursing assistant program at the price of $600.

Students are always given praise for their work.  We know that C.N.A.’s are special.  They will be the caregivers for our moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers.  That is why we take such good care of our student’s and nurture their desire to help others.

Certified Nursing Assistant Classes at Phlebotomy Career Training are under the direction of the State of Michigan department of community health.  Our C.N.A. program is approved and graduates are eligible to take the state exam for their state certification, also know as the Thompson Prometric.

We help our students with job placement.  So many of our local convalescent homes know our student’s by their superior training and are anxious to hire them before they even graduate.  All of our nursing assistants are working.  It’s that simple.  Not only are they working, but the get total tuition reimbursement from their employers.   They pay for class and then they get all their money back.  Their employer even pays for their state exam.  We love our nursing assistants.  They are very special people and we take care of them.  Our staff helps our C.N.A.’s with resume’s upon graduation.  We even fax all of their paperwork into the Thompson Prometric for them.

All of our teachers are Registered Nurses with the necessary Train The Trainer Certification behind their names.  Train the Trainer Certification is required by the state of Michigan for any registered nurse to train C.N.A.’s.  Phlebotomy Career Training Nurses Aide Program number with the state of Michigan is NTP # N09014.   For those student’s who wish to get funding through the Michigan Works, No Worker Left Behind can do so by contacting their worker at the nearest branch.  We are on the Career Education List of approved programs.

If you are interested in joining our next upcoming C.N.A. class, please call Nancy, at 313-826-2381 or 734-762-3220.  We look forward to meeting with you.

Go Team C.N.A.!!!!!

Please read the experiences that our graduate CNAs shared;

CNA Clinical Experience
Working at the nursing home these last couple of days has really shown me just how much I love helping people. The residents there were so nice and sweet. You can’t help to fall in love with them right away. It was a great place to work for a couple days. I learned that you should always treat people the way you would like to be treated. Sometimes people would just like for you to give them a little of your time. A lot of the residents just wanted us to sit and keep them company. I felt really good every time that I left the nursing home. I was so happy to be able to help them out throughout the day. I started to look forward to going to the nursing home to be there to help the residents with their daily living. Over all it was a very great experience and I can’t wait to get my first job!

My experience at the Heartland Nursing Home was very wonderful. I learned all the staffs are very kind to us and they were very satisfied of what we had done helping the residents needs and cares. I did the right way of hand washing, using the protective clothing during the bed bath one of the isolated patient. I took blood pressure, oral body temperature, pulse rate, heart rate, using the electronic thermometer, moving a person around. I also transferred people from bed to wheel chair, checking their vital signs. Give bed pan of a blind lady, and all what we practiced and learned from school. I did complete bath shower of the two paralyzed ladies. That was a wonderful feeling about our experience we learn how to do things the right way to care for our patients.
-Mia Gian

The experience that I had was overall a very good one. First and foremost the staff was very helpful and patient with all students. One thing that really surprised me was how soon and quick you become attached, you sincerely want to help them. It makes you appreciate things in life more and getting experience just validation that I chose the right field.
-Reem Ali

The benefits to the experience I got at the nursing home were that it made me realize I do want to help care for people. Although it was challenging it was also very rewarding. I appreciated my time there and all of the help I received. I look forward to pursuing this career in the future thanks to the experience this class gave me.

I found my experience at Heartland educational. All patients encountered are handled differently and each C.N.A at heartland has their own technique. I am grateful to have received hands on experience with C.N.A’s that have been there 15 years. My instructor was very clear on what I would expect and she prepared me very well. My first day at Heartland I helped a C.N.A do bed bath, change brief, and occupied bed. After that I fed a resident and assisted an RN with a bandage. I have a new respect for C.N.A’s that have the experience and share it with upcoming C.N.A’s.
-Windell Ford