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Phlebotomy Career Training now offers Online Phlebotomy Classes including National Exam

“Phlebotomy Career Training now offers Online Phlebotomy Classes including National Exam.”
Phlebotomy has seen renewed and increased interest in recent years, especially amidst the COVID19 pandemic. The need for properly trained staff and technicians within hospitals has never been more dire, and it’s heartening to see the way training schools and educational institutions have risen to the challenge.
Phlebotomy Career Training is one such organization, one that’s actively providing training and education to tomorrow’s finest medical professionals. They’ve rapidly scaled their programs and developed more (and stronger) ties with organizations like Concentra and the American Red Cross. As they are now, they provide aspiring professionals with an opportunity to learn through a highly relevant and current curriculum and provide them with opportunities to link up with said organizations for externships, letting them hone their craft under the supervision of trained and seasoned medical staff.
By offering certain highly relevant courses, such as one on vaccination and critical sample handling, free of charge along with their standard offering, they’ve allowed students to make the most of their learning, that too when the related knowledge is of critical importance.
Most recently, PCT has increased the length of their online phlebotomy course from 70 to 170 hours, allowing students to get a more well-rounded and complete experience of the curriculum and better prepares them for work in a clinical environment.
These iterative advances have now culminated in PCT partnering up with the National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals (NAPTP), to offer students a complimentary exam attempt when they pay for the requisite course.
For more information regarding the multitude of programs offered by PCT, visit their website at
You can also give them a call or drop by the school if you’re in Michigan. The address is 28050 Ford Rd, Ste C, Garden City, MI 48135.