Phlebotomy Classes here at PCT

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Phlebotomy Technician Program
Courses will run every 10 weeks unless otherwise stated

Phlebotomy Technician Course Cost: $600.00 Limited time only, also includes National Exam through the NAPTP, along with clinical Laboratory assistant.

Why Choose a career as a  Phlebotomy Technician at Phlebotomy Career Training?

Our graduates become leaders in the field of phlebotomy and are more aware of infection control guidelines using the new sterile technique taught by Professor Kimmel.  Students are given 25 live venipunctures at PCT .  Each of the student’s are given personal one on one supervision and instruction by a registered nurse and certified phlebotomy technician.   Graduating students are then are evaluated to determine their eligibility to attend  a 40 externship at a local laboratory.  Many schools profess to have externships, but after the student enrolls they are told they must find their own experience.  This is almost impossible.  At PCT, we understand the need for experience.  Our students get to work one on one with experienced phlebotomists in a real life laboratory for forty hours.  This experience is very valuable.  Many graduates of PCT get hired after completing their externship.  Our students are working at many of the dialysis clinics in the metro Detroit area, labs, hospitals and blood banks.  These jobs will only hire students who are skilled and prepared in the field of phlebotomy, patient assessment and intravenous insertion.  PCT students are given the opportunity to expand their skills not only in phlebotomy but in  glucometer testing (diabetes blood sugar testing) and taking blood pressures .  Skilled patient assessment techniques set our student’s above the rest.


PCT has raised the bar on teaching phlebotomy.  We are the only school that teaches the sterile technique which is a similar technique that surgeons use in the operating room.  The instructor, Nancy Kimmel is a Registered Nurse who holds a Certification as a Phlebotomy Instructor from the American Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionals (ACA) and a PhD, MSN-FNP-BC and 1st Year medical school student.  Dr. Kimmel is re-writing the curriculum on phlebotomy in America and offers students a comprehensive online “Black Board” based class.

A Certificate for Phlebotomy Technician is awarded to our graduate students by our school which is licensed by the State of Michigan.  Student’s may also take the, NHA, AMCA or NCCT phlebotomy exams upon completion of 30 blood draws.  If students choose to do an externship throug one of our local hospital affiliates then they may also take the ASCP upon successful completion of their 100 draw externship.


We are pleased to announce that we have placed over 95% of all students in their clinical externships.  Also are students have been hired at many of the dialysis clinics, hospitals and blood banks.  PCT helps students with their resumes and provide students with job leads.  Many hospitals and agencies come to our school and recruit our students right from the classroom.

Individuals with skill in accurately obtaining blood samples and assessing patients health are in high demand in hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, blood banks and research facilities. The median pay for a full-time phlebotomists in the United States (accounting for all experience ranges) averaged $28,264 in April 2017. SalaryCom. According to a recent survey conducted on February 1, 2010 by the web site, the average salary for job listings for a Phlebotomist by local Michigan health care facilities was $37,000.

Enrollment. Students may enroll by appearing at the Institution facility and filling in an enrollment application. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Students may register for classes at any time during normal business hours. Enrollment for Course classes will be closed no less than 30 minutes before the starting time of the first class of the Program course in which the student is enrolling. Student applications are subject to review and approval by the Institution. There is limited seating capacity, so students are encouraged to enroll early.

Entrance Requirements for the Phlebotomy Technician Program
Enrollment in this program requires a high school diploma or GED, and each student must pass a criminal background check conducted by Phlebotomy Career Training (the Institution) at the students expense. Some patient care experience is preferred but is not required. Students must be able to have good communication and memorization skills, think under pressure and have a compassionate nature. By the first ofweek of classes, students are required to have their immunization titers on file for MMR and Chicken pox as well as their TB tests. No credit is given for previous education or training.

Entrance Requirements

Students are required to have all immunizations up to date and bring in proof of immunization records. Students are required to have a negative TB test and state wide background check on file by the first day week of class. No experience is required/ Students should have a caring and compassionate nature. No credit is given for previous education or training.

Program Schedule
The Programs are conducted in intensive 10-week sessions. Students should be prepared to devote their full time (or nearly full time) to attending a Program during the 10 week period. We also have weekend classes.   Our flexible hours include day classes whcih meet one time per week for 4 hours of intensive hands on training, evening classes from 3-7 pm and Saturday classes from 8-12 noon.  We encourage those interested to call and get more information at 734-762-3220- #1 or 313-826-2381