Phlebotomy Online Class now $500

The new year is fast approaching and with that being said the impetus of going back to school to learn a new skill is going to burgeon. With every new year, we make new years resolution. Perhaps your new years resolution is to go back to school and become a phlebotomist. If so, then Phlebotomy Career Training can help you. For the first time in almost three years Phlebotomy Career Training’s Phlebotomy Online Class in now only $500. Who are are students you may wonder? They are mothers, fathers, grandmothers, graduate students, single mothers, women and men who have recently immigrated to America. Our students come from everywhere and they are everyone. Our Phlebotomy classes are designed for students who like to study on their own time. After all, your time is precious and you do not always have the time to attend class. The Phlebotomy online class is accessible to the student 24/7, 7 days a week. Students have access to classroom video lectures and quizzes which they can take as many times as they like. During the six month time frame that students have access to the course, the students can research where they want to preform their 30 blood draws. Phlebotomy Career Training partners with multiple laboratories across the United States including the American Red Cross here in Michigan. Students will be provided with their externship/internship forms and introduction letter from their instructor so that they may present this to their clinical site. The exciting thing about the Phlebotomy online class is that the student will preform their blood draws right in the city where they live. We don’t mind reaching out to the laboratory supervisor on the students behalf. It is our goal for our students to be successful phlebotomist. Our reputation is based on our students success. Students will communicate with their instructor on a weekly basis and also send in assignments per their course syllabus. The assignments are meant to assist the student with learning the main concepts of phlebotomy. When the student has completed their blood draws and their final exam they will go on to take the national certifying exam through the N.A.P.T.P. (National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals) which is also included in the course tuition. Upon successful completion of the national exam, the student will receive a certification number which will be posted on the N.A.P.T.P website for employers to see and verify as well as the student. This national certification must be renewed every 2 years and can be done so with a $25 renewal fee. Students who register for the Phlebotomy Online class will receive the newest edition of the N.A.P.T.P. study guide and immediate access to all training videos and readings. The students instructor can be reached via their mobile, email or via Skype. All courses are tax deductible.

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