Online Patient Care Technician Certification

Location: Online Instructor: Nancy Kimmel

Online Patient Care Technician Certification

$950.00 $500.00

No experience is required.  However, students are required to perform a 8 hour clinical rotation in patient care.  Books, online modules, and personal instruction are included.  All courses can be taken within a 6 month time frame or sooner.

Patient care Technician

Online Patient Care Technician Certification

$950.00 $500.00

Have you considered the professional Patient Care Technician? If so then you are in good company. Patient care technicians wear many hats, such as performing electrocardiograms (EKG’s), drawing blood (venipuncture), setting up IV’s, making a patient’s bed, performing oral care, denture care, peri-care, emptying and measuring a urine drainage bag (Foley Catheter), setting up feeding tubes, passing medications and charting to name just a few of their duties.
Phlebotomy Career Training’s new Patient Care Technician program covers all these disciplines including mental health.

Where do Patient Care Technicians work?
Patient care technicians work in hospitals, emergency rooms, physician offices, urgent cares, cardiac care unit, intensive care unit and with the physicians on home care rounds.

The expected salary of Patient Care Technicians is between $40,000 to $50,000 yearly and the growth of the profession is expected to increase in demand exponentially due to the shortage of nurses.

This course comes with interactive classroom videos recorded in HD covering all subject matter. A special binder prepared by our instructors containing reading with assignments is mailed out to the student.
The national exam through either the AMCA or the NHA is also included upon successful completion of the course

Books are included along with unlimited personal instruction. All students have up to six months to complete the course, although they may finish sooner.  Study on your own time at your own pace just  like all of our online programs. Give us a call if we can help, at 734-762-3220 choose option #1. Class begins upon enrollment. Students may study the course in their own time, with personal instruction whenever they have questions.  Students are also provided 3 Skype sessions with an instructor.



What's Included

  • Books
  • Study Guides
  • Online Access
  • Personal Instruction

About Your Instructor
Nancy Kimmel