Students of the Month

Greetings to all!  As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in education, Phlebotomy Career Training will now be featuring, “Students of the Month!” It is the goal of PCT to recognize and promote the outstanding accomplishments of both our online and in-class students for their educational achievements. Each Student of the Month recipient will receive:

  • A $20 Tim Horton’s gift certificate
  • Recognition on this site with a short bio, photo, and their educational achievement

Phlebotomy Career Training Student of the Month #1: Emily Anulao

From Emily:

“My name is Emily Anulao and I am currently enrolled in the Mega 12 Online course. I was born and raised in the Central Valley in California. I am married and have four very loud and very rambunctious children. Being a stay-at-home mom has allowed me the opportunity to study at Phlebotomy Career Training. I love anything that has to do with the human body. When I have completed the course, I would like to take a position within a hospital!”

From Emily’s Instructor:

“I have been teaching telemetry for many years now, and Mrs. Anulao’s telemetry written exam was the best I have ever seen. Her attention to detail and analysis was outstanding. It far surpassed previous exams I have graded — exams that nurses, and even some physicians, have taken!  What also surprised me is that Mrs. Anulao has no prior medical background. She explained to me that she spends all her free time, of which there isn’t much, studying. Mrs. Anulao’s commitment epitomizes what medical facilities seek. I am certain it will serve her very well. Other students, take note: this kind of success awaits you if you work hard!”

Phlebotomy Career Training Student of the Month #2: Nancy Ciotti

Nancy Ciotti is currently enrolled in the Cardio-Phlebotomy program.  She works full time in the medical field and is now seeking to specialize in phlebotomy and cardio studies.

From Nancy’s Instructor:

“Mrs. Ciotti is not only a great student, but her kindness and compassion for others is a hallmark of an excellent healthcare provider.

“She provided me a peak at her notes on both phlebotomy, telemetry, and EKG. I was astounded at the detailed notes she had made from both the lectures in class and online!

“Mrs. Ciotti performed a live EKG yesterday like a pro. She explained that she will be working in the field of telemetry and has a job lined up when she finishes.  We are so proud of Mrs. Ciotti.

“Nancy has proven that you can set goals and achieve them.