nurse aide class

Is becoming a nurses aide your next rewarding career?


Some people think that all a nursing assistant does is to work with the elderly. While many nursing assistants do indeed work with the elderly, that is just a small population of patients that the nurses aide is trained to work with. The trained certified nursing assistant can work with any population, whether it be with babies, children, adults or the elderly. As a licensed professional the nurses aides are required to perform their clinical rotations in a long term care facility where they will assist the senior residents under the watchful instruction of their teacher. But once they graduate and take their state exam, the nurses aide can work anywhere. Hospitals will gladly hire a new graduate nurses aide who has taken their state exam. All of the hospital departments are open to nursing assistants such as the emergency room and the nursery. That is one of the reasons that nursing assistants love their jobs so much. It is because of the flexibility that being a nurses aide brings.
Some nurses aide will stay in one particular department until they retire, while other CNA’s will move around from one department to the other. Certified nursing assistants are also in high demand in traveling jobs. If the nursing assistant is willing to relocate for a few months, they can connect with many of the health care agencies in their area and work as a travel nurses aide. The companies will pay for their transportation, room and board. Not only that the traveling nurses aide will make up to three times the salary that they would make at their regular job.
Some nursing assistants will use their vacation to work as a travel nurses assistant. The best thing about being a traveling nursing assistant is the people that you will meet on your journey. By having a state license, the nurses aide is able to transfer their license to a different state through their desired state board of nursing. Every CNA that takes their state exam will be put into a national database where all boards of nursing in every state can see who is licensed.
Therefore, a Certified nurses aide in Michigan can work for a medical travel company and go to work in California for a couple of weeks.
The main point here is that the job of a nurses aide is very diverse and rewarding. It is especially not boring. The Certified nursing assistant brings joy and hope to the lives of their patients and thereby helping them improve the quality of their life. They give their patient’s hope. By treating them with compassion, respect and upholding their dignity they are able to keep the light of hope in the hearts of their patients, whether they be nine years old or ninety.