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IV Vitamin Therapy Takes the Lead in Helping People Live Healthier Lives

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IV Vitamin Spas are where people go to have an intravenous infusion of vitamin cocktails. These cocktails include combinations of water-soluble vitamins such as B12, thiamin, niacin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and a host of other vitamins. Physicians typically write prescriptions for these infusions. However, some spas have been able to bypass the physician’s prescription requirement and have been providing vitamin infusions to… Read more »

Nursing Self Care and prevention of back injuries

Nursing Self Care and prevention of back injuries   Any nurse will agree that the risk of back injury in their profession is very real.  Floor nursing comes with its own set of stressors but lifting and pulling up patients in bed can cause serious harm to the lower back and spine.   According to… Read more »

Earn CEUs in Phlebotomy, IV, EKG and Telemetry through the National Telemetry Association

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Phlebotomy Career Training offers practicing professionals the chance to earn 16.5 CEUs through the National Telemetry Association If you are a medical health care professional, then you are required to continue your education after getting into your new career. While that’s something you were probably aware of already, you’re probably underestimating the difficulty of balancing… Read more »

New Proctor for the AMCA

AMCA Official Proctor badge for Nancy Kimmel Issued by American Medical Certification Association This badge verifies that this individual has been approved to Proctor AMCA National Certification Exams and has completed the AMCA Proctor Training. The AMCA takes proctoring very seriously.  Students who take the exam on campus or online are required to hold themselves to … Read more »

Phlebotomy Career Training: A longer course makes for more efficient learning

phlebotomy career training

Phlebotomy Technician course hours at Phlebotomy Career Training increases to 170 clock hours Phlebotomy is on the rise throughout the US, as healthcare providers around the country look to add to their staff. The pandemic exposed more than a few healthcare systems’ weaknesses, one of them being the lack of accredited professionals to take and… Read more »