Test Taking

Conquering Phlebotomy Exams

There’s a famous saying: “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” It’s a pretty blunt assessment of the consequences of inaction.

Becoming a certified phlebotomy technician can be a challenging path, the end of which some people fail to reach. 

The right school and a few key techniques, however, can help immensely. All it takes is the proper preparation!

1. Get a Study Buddy or Two

Studying with others means:

  • Motivation to actually study since everyone shares mutual goals.
  • The ability to test each other with group-produced quizzes. That’s far more energizing than tirelessly flipping through flashcards and study guide pages.
  • Periodic breaks that help keep your mind sharp and stave off study fatigue. (Plus, everyone is motivated to ensure the breaks don’t last too long.) 

Whatever you do, don’t talk about phlebotomy during your well-earned study breaks!

2. Leverage Online Resources

Let’s face it: we sit a lot. Too much, according to the latest medical data. One reason? We’re on computers a lot, both for work and for fun.

If you’re going to sit in front of a computer anyway, put that time to good use and take advantage of the various online tools available to help you prepare for your phlebotomy exam.

Such tools include:

This detailed test plan (in PDF) can also help dispel some of the mystery around the test, as well as any jitters you might have.

3. Speak with a School Representative

Schools such as Phlebotomy Career Training serve one mission: to provide an excellent learning experience that prepares students for successful careers in the medical field.

As part of that mission, school leaders should go out of their way to help you succeed. And that can include tips on studying, reassurances to help quell anxiety, sample questions (but none from the actual test), and more.

If you wish to know more about how our school can help contact us today!

Conquer Your Phlebotomy Career Path

There’s no better way to prepare for success than by selecting the right school for your phlebotomy technician training. And you’ve come to the right place! 

Simply review the list of courses we have available. Then, you can register online or over the phone for the phlebotomy technician course that best fits your personal needs and schedule!