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Phlebotomy Career Training now announces their 20 Certification program for only $3000 for in-person students only

Phlebotomy Career Training, a medical training and education provider based out of Garden City, Michigan, has brought together a variety of national associations and care-providing organizations to offer a course that nets students 20 certifications.

The Medical Assistant Tier V Certification, also known as the Mega 12, is a comprehensive package certification that bundles together the knowledge of 20 certifications across many sub-disciplines. The course runs for seven weeks of in-person classes and seven weeks of blood draws. The online certifications contained in the course may be completed within up to 1 year of enrolling, and upon the completion of all in-class and online courses, students will have earned all 20 certifications.

The courses included cover Phlebotomy Technician training, Medical Technician training, Medication Aide training, IV Technician training, Medical Assistant training, Telemetry Technician training, EKG Technician training, and more. No prior knowledge is expected or required, and the in-class coursework and practice are meant to endow students with sufficient knowledge and expertise for their externships. Students study under-educated and qualified medical professionals who possess their MSN-FNP, Ph.D., RN licensure and practice on real-life anatomical arms designed to mimic the physicality of a human arm and other medical-grade practice equipment.

Through a vast and sprawling network of relationships with urgent care providers, hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices, PCT is also able to offer students the opportunity to work with these organizations to get on-the-ground experience. Students will be placed according to where they live but may request placement in other localities as well. They’ll be working with reputable organizations like Concentra and the American Red Cross for their externships and may receive an offer of employment upon completion of the externship.

But that’s not all. Through an assortment of online courses, books, and other prep material, students will be given the means to prepare for a variety of national certification exams. While the course itself culminates in a clinical medical assistant exam, students will be given material for the NAPTP’s National Phlebotomy Exam, the NTA’s National Telemetry Exam, the NIVA’s National IV Exam, and the NTA’s National EKG Exam, and the National Medical Assistant Exam. Students will also receive free attempts at each of the mentioned exams, paid for by PCT as part of the course.

If you’d like to know more about the online course lineup at PCT, visit our courses page and find out about all the certifications you could earn on the go or while sitting at home. To read up on the Medical Assistant Tier V Certification, click here.