Phlebotomy Salary 2019

There are few medical procedures as informative as a blood test. It can help:

  • Identify diseases
  • Determine the efficacy of prescribed drugs
  • Highlight a patient’s risk of heart problems

… and so much more.

At the center of it all? The phlebotomy tech. That’s who puts so many effective, life-saving treatments into motion.

It’s a significant role, which is why Phlebotomy Career Training strives to offer as much information about a career in phlebotomy as possible.

This page covers the economic aspects of becoming a phlebotomy technician. It features current data about a phlebotomy salary as well as factors that may influence a phlebotomy salary throughout 2019.

Phlebotomy Technician Salary Forecast 2019

Aggregating data from the top reports of a phlebotomy technician salary shows that a phlebotomy tech working in the U.S. makes approximately $34,090. Factoring in 2019’s anticipated cost of living adjustment of roughly 3% brings that figure to $35,113.

The figure represents base salary and does not include benefits such as:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • 401(k)
  • PTO

… and others which may influence, notably or subtly, the total sum of a phlebotomy technician’s compensation.

It’s important to note a couple of issues that may have a wide-ranging impact on phlebotomy techs and other healthcare professionals.

  1. To help ensure a strong financial foundation in the face of competition, health care providers will focus on customer-centric relationships. Serving, communicating with, and ultimately retaining patients will become key to laying that foundation. Phlebotomy technicians will serve on the front lines of this change because of the hands-on, face-to-face nature of their work.
  2. Consumer demand for more convenient healthcare — because no one enjoys waiting an hour or more to see a doctor — will result in expanded access points such as clinics. Increased access comes with an increased demand for phlebotomy technicians.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates that phlebotomy jobs will grow an estimated 25% between now and 2026. That’s a much faster rate than most other occupations. It underscores how the jobs market will change as America’s population ages (among other factors affecting the job market for phlebotomy techs).

Beyond Your Phlebotomy Salary

Experience and location are two critical factors influencing phlebotomy technicians, their jobs, and their pay. Both directly affect the salary that a phlebotomy tech earns. (For example, phlebotomy techs in California, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. earn more than phlebotomy techs anywhere else in the country.)

Another important factor: training. Developing the skills needed the most in today’s healthcare market can not only help keep you employed, but it can also keep you in the prestigious company of in-demand phlebotomy professionals.

Phlebotomy Career Training offers precisely the kind of training necessary to help advance both your career and salary. Courses are available in person or online, at your convenience and when it fits your schedule best.

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