Online Medical Assistant Certification

Location: Online course begins upon enrollment. Student has 24/7 access, to study at their own pace Instructor: Online Instructors will be either Nancy Kimmel MSN-FNP-BC, 3rd year Medical Student or Dawn Weaver BSN, Trauma Nurse

Online Medical Assistant Certification


The Medical Assistant  Course is 408 hours

Students have up to 6 months/study at your own pace

Begin the course upon registration.

This course is accredited by the NCCT, AMCA, NHA.


Online Medical Assistant Certification


About Phlebotomy Career Training’s Medical Assistant Certification Program

Online Medical Assistant + National Exam which the student will take in their city.

This class is perfect for the working adult or parents at home with children.  No experience is necessary.  Study at your own pace and in your own time.   You can access the course on any device that has internet, though we suggest that you take the practice quizzes on a laptop, desktop or tablet.

The online is set up with a user friendly interface.  One does not have to be a computer expert.  The lessons consist of our recorded classroom videos, practice quizzes and reading.  The course is rigorous and is set up so that students learn as much as possible.  Quizzes can be taken as many times as the student likes.

Upon registration, one of our instructors will be reaching out to you with a welcome email.  This is not automated.  Our instructors are assigned to each new student who enrolls online and then they must reach out to the student with an email and course attachments, students login username and password.   If students register between 9-5 EST they will typically hear from their instructor within the hour.  However, if you register at 3am, your instructor will send your welcome email in the morning.

Most students are able to set up their own username and password when they register.  However, some students are so excited when they register, they sometimes forget.  Your instructor is your guide throughout the course.  You are not alone.

Internship/externship (Clinical Hours)

Phlebotomy Career Training has established and built long-standing relationships with hospitals and urgent cares throughout the entire United States.  Since our students need a minimum of 204 clinical hours in the medical assistant field, it is important that students plan their schedule to complete these h hours in their six month time frame.  Currently, the most popular location for our students are the urgent cares.  We suggest that students begin their clinicals by the end of their second module.  We do not control the hours that the clinical facility will assign the students.  Students may find their own site should they choose to do so.

Clinical externships for our online students are no different than our in person students.  There is a list of paperwork that the school will request from the students.  Your instructor will go over this with the student individually.

Credit for Experience

Students who have prior experience can most definitely submit a resume or other document indicating any prior experience in health care.  All experience counts!  Some students have prior experience taking care of loved ones and have been responsible for medical procedures such as starting IV’s, changing Foley catheters or cleaning tracheostomies. Some students have experience as nurses aides, EMT’s, Para Medics or Physical Therapy Assistants.  We encourage all students with prior experience to reach out to their instructor to have their experience evaluated.  The best news for those who already work in the field is that all their hours can be waived as long as they have supporting documentation from their employers.  These students need only finish the online work and then go straight to the national exam.

Keep in mind, Phlebotomy Career Training only pays for one attempt at the national exam.  However, all our materials online will prepare students to pass their national exam.  Phlebotomy Career Training has a 90% pass rate for the national exams.

How to Enroll

Once students enroll online, the instructor will send out an email introducing themselves and helping them with their course login and materials. Students may click the add to cart button and go through the check out process.  Your instructor will send out a student contract in the “Student Welcome email”. You may enroll by clicking on this link:  Enroll

Students have 6 Months of Uninterrupted Course Access

Students will have unlimited access to all courses as well as instructor access. Students study on their own time at their own pace and can reach out to their teacher whenever they have a question. Students are given 6 months to complete the course, but can finish sooner. Students will need to complete 204 hours of clinical rotation. The school will provide students with a letter of introduction and a formal externship booklet that will be signed off by the students preceptor during their clinical rotation. Student who have prior experience in the medical field may submit documentation. This documentation may include a formal letter documenting the students experience and how their experience coincides with the duties of a medical assistant, transcripts from an healthcare program, EMT or Paramedic training and or license, or nursing school course work will be evaluated to determine if the 204 hours of rotation can be waived.

Some students like to meet with their instructors occasionally via Zoom.  Our instructors are most happy to schedule a meeting.  We ask that students give their instructors a least a 3 day notice for a online meeting via Zoom.  These meetings have to be set up via our Technician Department.


We Pay for your National Accredited Exam

We at Phlebotomy Career Training understand the need for our online students to have a opportunity to take their national accredited certification exam.  Which is why, Phlebotomy Career Training will pay for the exam within the six month time frame.  Taking the national exam ensures that students will have the highest level of certification and that their certification will be accepted wherever they go, whether in their state or another state.  We have partnered with some of the best and most recognized national accredited organizations known for their national exam recognition throughout the United States.

Once the students have passed their final and completed their clinicals, Phlebotomy Career Training will reach out to the student and inquire as to which national exam they would like to take.  We are adding more hours in the next few months to our medical assistant program so that we will also be accepted by the AMT for national accreditation.  Exciting!

This course is accredited by the AMCA, NCCT and NHA and the student can choose which of the 3 national exams they wish to take. The national exam for Medical Assistant is included in the course tuition.

Students are given unlimited access to our school’s web-based educational learning portal at no charge.
Call office for more details at 734-762-3220 or (313) 826-2381


JOB Assistance for All Students

Students are given access to Phlebotomy Career Trainings exclusive “Job Portal”.  Phlebotomy Career Training has been in operation for over 14 years.  In that time, our school has made and forged long term relationships with many physicians, urgent cares, Hospitals and medical offices.  Since that time, our students have been readily hired all over Michigan and the U.S.  Employers love the training our students receive.  Because of this Phlebotomy Career Training receives calls throughout the week with exclusive job opportunities for our students both in class and online.  These job opportunities are nationwide in many cases.  Just to give an example would be Grifols Plasma Center.  Our online students will receive an access password to the job board.  Students will also have access to structured resume templates which our nursing educator have prepared for our students.  We know they work!  Students can also take advantage of video tutorials on how to pass a hospital job interview* (Very important).


Course Outline of Topics; “What You Will Learn”

Per national accrediting requirements All Medical Assistant programs should teach the following;

Patient therapeutic communication

Vital signs Blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration,

Height and weight

Rooming a patient

Taking a history and physical with interview techniques

Clinical at local healthcare facility with nurse for 3 hours. Obtain real hands on patient care. Interview patient’s who are hospitalized, take detailed history and physical work side by side with experience nurses in the field.
Excerpt from our lecture on Reproduction

Intramuscular injections, at various sites, amounts of medication to be given, adults, teens, children and infants

How to assist Physician in sterile technique

Mono-stat, rapid strep in office tests

IV insertion, medication drip calculations

Body Mass Index analysis with CDC graphs

Assisting in Physician in minor surgical procedures

Drawing up medication through ampules

Drawing up medications reconstituting powdered medication

Medical Electronic health records

Drug screens

Assisting patient in various medical positioning

Processing Specimens

Storing medication and vaccines

Administering dosages, (Medication Calculation)

IV insertion and calculation

Assisting in pelvic examination

Applying ECG leads and interpreting Telemetry

Anatomy and physiology of the heart

SOAP Note charting

Medical Terminology

Follow up visits and after care of patient

, AMCA or the NHA exams included.

Excerpt from Online Class Lecture

Listen to one of our instructors lectures in this short video from our class.

Testimonial from recent Graduate

About our School


Phlebotomy Career Training is a Licensed Proprietary School in the State of Michigan.

We are located at 28050 Ford Rd.

Garden  City, MI. 48135

We are open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST

visit our Google Business page to read our reviews and view our school pictures through the years.

Please contact us at (734) 762-3220, (313) 826-2381 for more info, or email us at [email protected]

This course will be increasing in price to $700 in January 2022


Students are responsible for obtaining 204 clinical hours at a local urgent care or physicians office to meet their requirements for graduation. No prior experience is necessary.  However, for those students with prior experience in the medical assistant field or medical field in general, they may submit documentation in the form of a signed and notarized resume, letter from employer or diploma, certification or other to the Administrator to have evaluated.  If the evaluation concludes that the student has meet the core requirements for graduation, then the 204 clinical hours can be waived.

6 months unlimited access, national exam, instructor support

  • Online Course Access
  • Zoom sessions with student, personalized one on one with demonstration
  • Unlimited Phone support
  • NCCT, NHA or AMCA National Medical Assistant Exam
  • Certification for Medical Assistant
  • Online access 24/7 for 6 months

About Your Instructor
Online Instructors will be either Nancy Kimmel MSN-FNP-BC, 3rd year Medical Student or Dawn Weaver BSN, Trauma Nurse

.Ms. Dawn Weaver holds a RN, BSN and is a licensed Michigan professional Nurse.  Dawn’s specialty is in trauma nursing.

Nancy Kimmel RN, MSN-FNP, 3rd year medical Student. Ms. Kimmel specialty is cardiology.

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