Why a Phlebotomy Career is Right for You

We’re romantics at Phlebotomy Training Center. We believe that with enough desire and effort you can succeed in any profession you so desire. So why choose a phlebotomy career?

Reason #1: Job prospects for phlebotomists are strong

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, now is an excellent time to get into phlebotomy. Employment growth between now and 2026 comes in at a robust 25 percent.  

Reason #2: Already large, healthcare’s role in the U.S. will only grow

Here’s a (very!) quick history lesson. Manufacturing employed seven million more workers than did the healthcare field. Around the beginning of the Great Recession, the retail industry employed around two-and-a-half million more people than were in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare surpassed both of those industries in 2017 and is only getting bigger. That’s thanks in part to the extended life expectancies in the U.S. in addition to our aging population.

Reason #3: Developing a phlebotomy career doesn’t take years

Depending on your situation, moving through your phlebotomy coursework, an externship or two, and a job search can take as little as a few months.

Would you like to be a surgeon instead? Who wouldn’t? It’s a high-paying, Hollywood-glamorized, and well-respected career choice. Unfortunately, it’s also one that requires a LOT of schooling and training.

  • Begin with four-to-five years for medical school
  • Add in two years of an internship and residency
  • Wrap it all up with anywhere from three to eight years as a fellow in your specialty

What’s that? You’d rather make your career move in less than 15 years? And not have hundreds of thousands of dollars in school loan debt?

(And now you know why surgeons make the big bucks!)

Reason #4: You have greater control over your time with a phlebotomy career

Phlebotomy attracts many people looking for a better work-life balance. After all, no one wants to devote the best years of their lives to the sorts of corporate drudgery mocked so accurately in the television show “The Office.”

One student whose journey is emblematic of this came to phlebotomy seeking a change from a well-paying but utterly demanding desk job that required 70-hour work weeks. A 70-hour work week is fine if you don’t have a family, friends, hobbies, a desire to see the outdoors, or any such interests. But if you ARE interested in those things, phlebotomy is a fitting career choice. There aren’t any recurring 70-hour work weeks here.

Reason #5: There are few careers as rewarding as a phlebotomy career

A role in the healthcare field is as rewarding as they come. Yes, everyone has rough days now and again. But this is a field dedicated to improving, extending, and even saving lives. Becoming a teacher, firefighter, or military officer are similarly rewarding fields. If that’s where your desires lie, they will all help you contribute to improving our world. But for thousands of students who have walked through our doors, phlebotomy has been the ideal choice.

But wait! There’s one more reason …

Here’s how easy it is to begin your phlebotomy career: simply do one of the following:

  • Call 734-762-3220 to speak with us about the many courses and certification options we offer.
  • Click here to send us a message with any remaining questions you might have.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; The Atlantic; Moguldom