PCT now offers Amazon Pay for students

Amazon has been a trusted online retail market for many years and at PCT we are proud to offer the Amazon payment gateway. This can be used by our students who wish to purchase either in class or online courses.
We are currently working on payment plans with Amazon for students who are unable to pay the full tuition amount but would like to begin studying for a new career. As our technical team works to implement the monthly payment options, students may still take advantage of paying their tuition through Amazon. It is not surprising that education can now be accessible from many different avenues of commerce. We are proud of the education which we provide to our students, such as private videos that have been recorded live during in class lectures with high definition, life like training arms, video conferencing with teachers and comprehensive class modules that help students study both in class and online. One would think that it was almost impossible to train someone in phlebotomy online. However, here at PCT we were able to design the phlebotomy course to provide the best learning experience for our online students. Now not only can they use the payment gateway where they can make monthly payments to Amazon, they can also use the practice arm and demonstrate their skill to their instructor hundreds or even thousand of miles away. Phlebotomy Career Training has also begun the process of engaging in affiliation agreements with hospitals and labs across the United States so our students will be able to preform actual live draws on patients in hospitals and clinics. Yes, education has made great strides in how learning is presented to the student. More so than ever, Phlebotomy Career Training leads the way to innovation in education and learning.