Returning Students Get $100 discount

As a show of gratitude to all our students who have attended Phlebotomy Career Training over the past 10 years, we would like to Congratulate you on a job well done and provide you with $100 off any course of your choice. Whether you graduated in 2009 or 2019, you will receive the discount toward your selected course. We have had many students return to take other programs because they liked the school, the teachers and the atmosphere. We would like to give back to them as well. Our students success in their careers is Phlebotomy Career Trainings greatest achievement. Students stated that they feel confident and secure in the knowledge that they will receive from phlebotomy career training. To them it is like coming home. At Phlebotomy Career Training, we try to make students feel at home. They know that they have to study, but our teachers are always there to support them in their efforts and give them confidence.