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Phlebotomy Career Training partners with Castle Branch

phlebotomy career training now offers externships throughout the US

Phlebotomy Career Training LLC, ™ 28050 Ford Rd, Ste B Garden City, MI 48135 734-762-3220 Fax: 734-762-1718   Press Release: Phlebotomy Career Training has announced on Wednesday that they have officially partnered with Castle Branch.  Mr. N’gganou head of marketing and development stated: “This is a giant step forward in helping our online and in… Read more »

Work Remotely with a Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding online classes

What is Medical Billing and Coding? Medical billing and coding is a process of “translating” a doctor’s diagnoses to a numeric or alphanumeric code. For every injury, diagnosis, and medical procedure, there is a corresponding code. Medical billers take the information from the medical code and make a bill for the insurance company, called a claim,… Read more »