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What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical billing and coding is a process of “translating” a doctor’s diagnoses to a numeric or alphanumeric code. For every injury, diagnosis, and medical procedure, there is a corresponding code. Medical billers take the information from the medical code and make a bill for the insurance company, called a claim, relating to a health care system. Many people interested in Medical billing and coding would prefer to take the certification online.
Who are targeted?
Medical billing and coding certificate should target a group of people who can handle the job perfectly and those who have helpful skills such as: organization skills, attention to details, strong ethics, communication skills, and analytical skills. When you visit your doctor, your medical insurance provider will receive a bill containing medical codes, including CPT, ICD-10 and possibly other codes.

For example, if an X-ray is performed or blood is taken, those services would also be represented by medical codes on your bill. There are thousands of medical codes – one for nearly every type of health care service, procedure and even for medical equipment. Medical coders work in every type of health care facility, including doctor’s offices, surgery centers, hospitals and health care systems. Some experienced coders have the ability to work at home through an employer or as a contract worker.

Coding requires extraordinary detail. The coder must carefully review the patient’s chart to learn the diagnosis and itemize every service provided. If a service is overlooked, the provider will not receive payment for it. If the coder chooses the wrong code, the provider may have to return any excess payment or face legal charges for overbilling.

Medical coders spend their days reviewing medical records to assign these codes and ensure that the health care providers they support are properly reimbursed for services. Physicians and hospitals depend on accurate coding to receive proper reimbursement, making the role of the coder a valued one.

Coding accurately is not easy. The coder must carefully read the doctor’s and nurse’s notes to precisely determine the services received by the patient. The coder must also understand private payer policies and government regulations for accurate coding and billing. By some estimates, inaccurate or incomplete coding costs the doctors thousands of dollars each year in lost payments. Without competent coders, providers run the risk of losing revenue.
What are the Main Job Duties?
Medical Billers and coders’ job includes many responsibilities and duties. They do their work remotely due to the fact that all work is done on computer and E-mails.
The medical biller and coder job duties:
1. Verify coverage and eligibility for medical services
2. Communicate with insurance providers and patients
3. Review patient bills and correct any missing or inaccurate information
4. Use a billing software to prepare and transmit claims
5. Collect unpaid claims and clear up discrepancies
6. Investigate and appeal claims that were denied
7. Complete data entry to update spreadsheets and reports
8. Work with patients to set up payment plans
9. Adapt to updates and changes in billing software.
How much could a Medical Biller and Coder Make per Hour?
The typical pay scale for a medical biller can fluctuate according to location, experience, and training. Pay scale suggests that the hourly pay can range anywhere from about $12 to $20, with an average of $15.75.

According to US News and World Report:

Medical records technicians might also be called coders, coding specialists or coding representatives. These professionals “abstract information from medical record documentation, assigning the appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes,” says Lisa Manesis, coding quality coordinator at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. “These codes are then used for a number of different purposes including, among others, reimbursement, planning, research, and by public health officials to track and monitor disease patterns.”
Phlebotomy Career Trainings Medical Billing and Coding program is nationally certified so students can work in any state. Students can study in the comfort of their own home, with online classes to fit every schedule.

Phlebotomy Career Trainings Medical Billing and Coding program is nationally certified so students can work in any state. Students can study in the comfort of their own home, with online classes to fit every schedule.