The Pros and Cons of Online Classes

Online classes are a popular option for students of Phlebotomy Career Training looking to advance their professional lives while balancing very busy personal lives.

Not sure if online classes are right for you? We’ve compiled the following pros and cons to help you decide!

Pro: Set Your Own Schedule
Are you a morning person? A night owl? Do you prefer to tackle coursework while listening to music? Or do you need complete silence? Whatever the case, there’s good news: online courses allow you to learn in the environment that fits you best and at the time that suits you best.

Con: Self-Discipline is Mandatory
How are your time management skills? They better be good. The only person who can get you to meet your online class deadlines is you. (This is where you really dig into your smartphone’s reminder and calendar apps!)

Pro: The Balancing Act
Are you a full-time mom? A stay-at-home dad? Do you work 9-to-5 but want a change? Whatever your current situation, online classes allow you to balance the family and professional obligations you have with the coursework you’ll need to complete.

Con: Separating Obligations
If your home is also where you attend “virtual” school, it might be difficult sometimes to relax fully. Change things up sometimes by hitting the public library or coffee shop!

Pro: Groups Go Better …
This might sound contradictory, but a study has shown that online classes produce better team dynamics than in-person classes. One reason: the “always on” availability of group members. We also suspect that the constant use of text messages and social media platforms such as Facebook have simply made people more accustomed to online education.

Con: Groups Can Be Slow
The same study cited above found that replies from fellow online students can be slow. People know they can wait until the last minute before getting back to you since online messaging works so quickly.

Pro: Decreased Anxiety
Attending classes online helps alleviate the anxiety many people experience in a classroom setting. (Think of Elle in “Legally Blonde,” for example.) This means you can relax, breath easy, and focus on the work.

Con: Some Anxiety, Though
Attending an online class can create its own anxiety until you’re familiar with how the online learning environment works.

Online Education’s Rising Tide

This one is neither a pro nor a con, but a straight-up fact: an increasing number of students are drawn to online learning. On-campus enrollment declined from 2014 to 2016, while online enrollments saw increases over the same span.

At Phlebotomy Career Training, we understand why: in certain situations, online courses have distinct advantages over the traditional classroom setting. That’s why we offer a broad range of online sessions that fit your schedule. Check them out today!