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Make Time Spent in Quarantine Time Well-Spent

Make Time Spent in Quarantine Time Well-Spent

One of the dreariest things about being stuck at home under a state-issued order is not having enough to do other than watch T.V. all day or scroll on your phone. It can be mentally exhausting to not be able to see your friends, hang-out at the local restaurant or bar, or even participate in a comforting group activity such as yoga or a spin session at the gym.
One of the ways we here at Phlebotomy Career Training have been spending our quarantine is by renovating and revamping our online courses to help our students increase their potential. As a medical professionals’ career school, one of our top goals is to make sure our students stay prepared for the myriad of challenges they will face as frontline health care providers.
Currently our tuition rates are lower than ever before and our package deals are on a very special offer. Plus, the added bonus of being employable in a field that has positive growth in times of recession? Priceless.
But… Studying? At HOME? While I have all of this free vacation-time? School is out and you want me to go back to school?
Now I know what you are thinking, you could be doing so much better with your time like working out or even learning a new recipe. Those things are great! Do them! We encourage it, really, but in the meantime learning a profession that will keep you employable for life during this copious amount of downtime won’t do you any harm. The medical field is a science field that can make you a hero one day. Be it on a plane where someone is not feeling well in the future, or here on ground level fighting COVID-19 with your peers in 2020. This satisfaction is not something you can get just anywhere.
It won’t hurt for you to check out some classes, they are affordable and at a very low rate right now. The classes here are super-fast and easy to complete, even for beginners. They are straightforward and self-paced so you can try that new recipe without having to worry about due dates or time restrictions. You can go workout and listen to one of the countless educational videos that come with your online modules. Plus, having access to your instructors remotely from home doesn’t hurt.
There are plenty of classes here at Phlebotomy Career Training that will teach you a frontline accredited medical profession quickly. One of my personal favorites are the Medical Assistant courses because they come in accredited certificate packages that you really can’t find anywhere else. Certificates including Phlebotomy Technician, I.V. Technician, and EKG Technician comes in these packages. Their combined price is over $2000, but the combo packages are affordable and definitely a bang for your buck!
I encourage you to look at the package deals and even the individual classes if you don’t want or can’t afford a package. One of the best parts is these courses come with accredited national exams included in the price. That’s a savings of almost $200 per course.
At least quarantine can be time-well spent.