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Earn CEUs in Phlebotomy, IV, EKG and Telemetry through the National Telemetry Association

Phlebotomy Career Training offers practicing professionals the chance to earn 16.5 CEUs through the National Telemetry Association

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If you are a medical health care professional, then you are required to continue your education after getting into your new career. While that’s something you were probably aware of already, you’re probably underestimating the difficulty of balancing both a professional workload and an educational regimen, especially while also catering to personal responsibilities. Even veterans in the field can have to compromise on either their coursework or themselves, a choice we wouldn’t want to impose on anyone.

Online Continuing Education Credit Hours

That’s why we at Phlebotomy Career Training are proud to announce that when you take our in-classroom or online phlebotomy course you are entitled to 16.5 credit-earning units (CEUs) through the NAPTP. The CEUs are awarded through the National Telemetry Association, which CAPCE accredits. The NTA is a national accredited body that is committed to the pursuit and provision of excellent training programs and credentials to professionals in telemetry and other related fields, such as phlebotomy and EKG technician training.

Understanding Rules of Procedure

The online course offered by PCT also comes bundled with one free attempt at the National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals’ Phlebotomy Exam. The NAPTP phlebotomy exam tests you for comprehensive on-the-job experience, as well as an understanding of rules of procedure, HIPAA and OSHA regulations, and more of what a certified phlebotomist needs to know.

Opportunity to Learn

The course offers you the opportunity to learn about recent developments within the field of phlebotomy.  It teaches you how conduct blood draws and take samples effectively, efficiently, and without incident.  Aside from enabling aspiring professionals in the pursuit of formal medical practice, the course also stands to benefit long-standing practitioners within the field.   If you are one of those aspiring professionals or long standing practitioners, now is a good time to begin again.

CEU’s Awarded

The CEUs awarded can help work towards the continuing education requirement for practice in your state while also giving you an edge in terms of cutting-edge training. Not only will you check off a formal requirement, but you’ll be able to work towards giving yourself a professional edge

Fast Track your Career

If you’ve been on the lookout for other certification courses, the NTA and PCT both have an arsenal of training programs that you should check out. These include a Review Course and Exam that helps test takers who aren’t familiar with recent course material preparation for the phlebotomy certification test and an immunization course and exam that deals with aspects of vaccination procedures and protocols as a course for IV technicians.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about the courses and exams offered by the NAPTP, click here to send in a query through their contact page. If you’d like to know more about the NTA, click here to get in touch. You can also find additional information regarding courses, as well as recent developments in the field of phlebotomy, on their website if you’d like to know more.