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How to Successfully pass the National Exam for Medical Assistant

Indeed, there are many online programs advertised on the internet. This makes it hard for those who want to start their education as a medical assistant but are not sure which program to choose from. Phlebotomy Career Training has been training medical assistants and phlebotomist for over 13 years in the state of Michigan. Phlebotomy Career Training specializes in classroom training and online training as well. Our unique teaching strategy is unsurpassed by even universities. This is due in part to the qyears of teaching experience and employing leaders in education, who are not afraid to think out of the box. Our instruction is a blend of both online lectures with quizzes, reading the text and interacting directly with the instructor. Our mission statement embodies the philosophy that students should be able to afford quality education without going into significant debt. The same certification which our students receive is comparable to the certifications offered at schools that charge over $17,000 for their medical assistant programs. Our students take many of the same national accrediting exams which the other schools offer. At Phlebotomy Career Training, the national exams which are offered to the students include the AMCA (American Medical Certification Association), the NHA (National Health Career Association) and the NCCT (National Center for Competency Testing.) We believe that going the extra mile in offering to pay for the student’s national exam will provide the students that extra level of certification that will ensure that they land a good paying job. One which will help them support themselves and their family. Phlebotomy Career Training is committed to the idealism that America is the greatest country in the world, and as such the American people deserve the right to affordable and quality education, period. The current state of the world is not getting easier, and many people have lost their businesses, jobs and income.  It was a hard time for everyone, not unlike now.  All of us have a goal that drive us. For me, it is the mission of our school. For back in the day, school was only for the rich. It is my goal to make education affordable for all, whether it be online or in class. So when you are searching the internet for schools that are affordable, please keep in mind what the schools credentials are and what is their goal. Phlebotomy Career training is a licensed proprietary school and is recognized by the the accrediting testing organizations. Plus, we bring to the table education that is taught in a way that no other school offers. Everyone should be proud to be an American. For we all have the ability to make changes that will help others. Whether it be providing medical assistant to patients or teaching. The programs that Phlebotomy Career Training offers are quite varied and are in high demand in the medical field. These programs include Phlebotomy, Electrocardiogram, Medical Billing and Coding, Mental health technician, Dialysis technician and much more. All of these programs can bet taken online or at our school. The certificates which we award our students are one in the same that our online students receive. So, there is no difference whether the student chooses to complete an online or in class program. If you are thinking of making a change in your career, then considering giving Phlebotomy Career Training the opportunity to help you. May all your futures be bright and successful.