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Infection Control Certificate (CHMM Certified) now available with all Online Courses!

Infection Control Certificate (CHMM Certified) now available with all Online Courses!

Why PCT?
At phlebotomy career training, we understand that our students need to be up to date on cutting edge trends in the medical field, and with these uncertain times with COVID-19, we are pushing even further to educate our students on the proper protocols for dealing with infection control and donning and doffing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

As worldwide COVID-19 cases surge, and resurge, medical professionals are searching for ways to test, diagnose and refine the methods used to identify the COVID-19 Virus. Phlebotomists are at the forefront of this fight, as they are in close contact with infected patients, thus making the proper use of infection control procedures and PPE extra important during these trying times.

Infection Control and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Importance

As COVID-19 Infections continue to rise, and cases skyrocket globally, phlebotomists and other medical professionals are finding the need to “don and doff” medical protective wear properly of extreme importance. At Phlebotomy Career Training, our goal is to educate our students on not only the proper methods of infection control and donning and doffing PPE, but the concepts on why this process is necessary, and examples of what is correct and incorrect.

At Phlebotomy Career Training, Our course is designed for teaching students and instructors about the proper methodology of infection control and donning and doffing PPE, as well as the etymology or “vital info” on the virus causing the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, so our students are prepared to deal with the high volumes of cases. Due to the intensive nature of isolation rooms and the toll they take on hospitals, having staff that is well trained and efficient in these procedures is of the utmost importance to ensure the highest level of a patients and medical providers safety.

Hazardous Materials Handler Certification with a Specialization on COVID-19 and Infection Disease (CHMM)

The Hazardous Materials Handler Certification (CHMM Certified and Accredited) is now offered as part of the PCT Infection Control Course, with specialized information on the handling and disposal of hazardous materials and biological waste, with an emphasis on infectious diseases such as COVID-19. This course, now offered with all online classes, is designed to enhance our students knowledge and marketability when in the field or looking for employment opportunities in these uncertain times.

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