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Is it painful to have your blood drawn?

Everyone at one time or another has had to have their blood drawn. For the most part it is not the most pleasant experience. Some people say that it doesn’t hurt while others say that they feel the, “pinch”. Have you ever wondered why? Well, maybe it would make sense that it does hurt, when… Read more »

Returning Students Get $100 discount

As a show of gratitude to all our students who have attended Phlebotomy Career Training over the past 10 years, we would like to Congratulate you on a job well done and provide you with $100 off any course of your choice. Whether you graduated in 2009 or 2019, you will receive the discount toward… Read more »

How do you draw blood with your eyes closed?

Nurses are trained in the skill called the, “nursing process”. This is a skill that is developed during nursing school and throughout the nurse’s career over time. The nursing process teaches critical thinking skills and the establishment of the nurse-patient relationship. Making a special bond between the patient and nurse by the establishment of trust…. Read more »

Would you like to become a Nursing Assistant?

It’s interesting how many people do not know what a nursing assistant does for a living.  Some people think that CNA’s draw blood in addition to their other skills.  Some will blurt out and frankly state, “Don’t they clean up peoples poop?”  How is someone supposed to answer this?  The most important aspect of being… Read more »

Are Patient’s safe at Dialysis Centers?

Many of us don’t think about kidney disease on a regular basis, unless of course we are one of the 468,000 people in the U.S. on weekly hemodialysis treatments. Hemodialysis centers appear to be popping up regularly in communities across America. Many of these centers are situated next to restaurants and shopping centers. As unobtrusive… Read more »