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Online Dialysis Technician

  When you look at the video, what do you think is most important, the hemodialysis machine or the patient? If you answered the hemodialysis machine, then you need to look deeper at what is really happening. While it is true that the dialysis machine is crucial for the patient’s survival, what is more important… Read more »

Online IV Certification

?   Phlebotomy Career Training announces its first comprehensive online IV certification. Students will learn to insert, remove and troubleshoot intravenous lines. This is a field that once was only designated to Registered Nurses. For the most part it still is, however with the advent of new technology and the high demand for previously in… Read more »

Medical Assistant Online

Announcing the Special of the year. Phlebotomy Career Training announces that the Medical Assistant Online class certification is now being offered for $500. This price has never before been offered for our medical assistant online program. Phlebotomy Career Training is accredited through the NCCT, AMCA, and the NHA. Students who enroll in Phlebotomy Career Training’s… Read more »

Phlebotomy Online Class now $500

The new year is fast approaching and with that being said the impetus of going back to school to learn a new skill is going to burgeon. With every new year, we make new years resolution. Perhaps your new years resolution is to go back to school and become a phlebotomist. If so, then Phlebotomy… Read more »

Certified Nurse Aide Classes now $500 for January

Great news for all aspiring nurses aides, Phlebotomy Career Training is now offering its upcoming certified nurse aide class for only $500. This is the first time in 11 years that Phlebotomy Career Training has offered their Certified Nurse Aide classes at such a low price. It comes as a welcome to relief to many… Read more »