Online: Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician 7 Certifications $1200

Location: Online Course, Students have 24/7 access for 6 months to complete the course Instructor: Nancy Kimmel, PhD, CNP

Online: Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician 7 Certifications $1200

$600.00 / month for 2 months

Students graduating with this certificate are eligible to work in dialysis clinics, cath labs and plasma centers,cardiovascular clinics, physician offices and much more.  Includes new phlebotomy book and Telemetry/EKG book.

Online: Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician 7 Certifications $1200

$600.00 / month for 2 months

This is a brand new online course, one of the few in the U.S., encompassing the disciplines of phlebotomy, EKG operation/Lead Placement and and I.V. insertion. Students graduating with this certificate are eligible to work in dialysis clinics, cath labs and plasma centers.
What is a cardio-phlebotomist you may ask? A cardio-phlebotomist is essentially a phlebotomist with a set a specialized skills relating to the cardiovascular system. Phlebotomy Career Training was the first to pioneer this class across the United States. We have been offering this class since 2009.
The graduates of our cardio-phlebotomy program receive a certification as a cardio-phlebotomy technician. Hospitals and clinics are familiar with our graduates and typically within six months of working, they go on to management level positions. The purpose of the course itself is to prepare the graduate to work in a cardiologist office where they would perform the following skills; vital signs, EKG (electrocardiogram), echo stress test, insert IV’s for medication stress induced stress tests, perform venipunctures, read the telemetry monitor, and perform post procedural vital signs. Therefore the students who graduate from the Cardio-Phlebotomy program do so with the following certifications:

Cardio-Phlebotomy technician
Certified IV Technician
Certified Electrocardiogram Technician
Certified Telemetry Technician
Certified National EKG Technician
Certified National I.V. Certification
Certified National Phlebotomy Technician

National Telemetry Exam

Each student who graduates from the Cardio-Phlebotomy program ensures themselves the power and capabilities to work in any part of their specialized field.

Students will be provided with the new national study for Phlebotomy Technician through the N.A.P.T.P. (National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals)
The national exams for the EKG are provided by the National Telemetry Association.
The national exams for I.V. Technician is provided by the National I.V. Association.
Upon successfully passing the national exams, the students will receive a national number which will appear on their certification through the organization on the organizations website.
Students will receive 5.5 Continuing education credit hours through the NTA for successfully passing the national exams in EKG.

Online students will also have online access to the courses as well as books. Online students will need to complete 30 blood draws and 10 live EKG’s. Online students are responsible for finding their own hospital, lab, clinic or urgent care to perform these clinical tests.

This is an excellent class for students seeking to broaden their job opportunities. Students who are planning on going to medical school, physician assistant school or nursing will do well to take this course, since they will have a solid knowledge base of topics which will be covered during the course of their studies toward their advanced degrees.

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Students may request their certifications by emailing [email protected]


High School Diploma or GED
State Background check

No prior medical or patient care background is required for this course.

What's Included

  • Cardio-Phlebotomy Certification
  • Telemetry Technician Certification
  • EKG Technician Certification
  • I.V. Technician Certification
  • National EKG Exam (NTA)
  • National I.V. Exam (NIVA)
  • National Phlebotomy Exam (NAPTP)
  • Phlebotomy book
  • EKG/Telemetry book
  • Calipers

About Your Instructor
Nancy Kimmel, PhD, CNP

Professor Kimmel, director of the school, has compiled all her years of experience as a university professor and hospital clinician to build courses with a curriculum designed to graduate proficient and competent students in their prospective medical career choice.